The low fade haircut is one of the best fade haircut alternatives. Thanks to its stylish, masculine, and sophisticated looks, it takes your image a step further. This haircut is focused on the sides of the head, as in other variants. It is possible to evaluate different style options for the top.

If you want to try a new hairstyle and don’t want to take risks, a low fade is the best choice for you. Because, when it comes to a low fade the hair on the sides is shaved very short until a low level. Since the fade-cutting technique is applied to an area limited to slightly above the ear, a very marginal appearance does not appear.

What Is The Low Fade Haircut?

The fade may describe as cutting the hair in different lengths and creating a transition between the sides and top. When it comes to the low fade, the reason for using the term “low” is that the area with a fade is at a low level (an inch above the ear). The hair tapers gradually from top to down and is blended with each other. The hair length at the lowest level is almost zero. In this area, the skin is clearly visible.

You can prefer different alternatives for the hair on top. Contemporary hairstyles such as quiff textured crop, a pompadour, and crew cut can match well with low fade.

comb back low fade 541

How To Get A Low Fade?

In the low fade haircut, barbers determine a line for demarcation just above the ear and they completely shave the hair below this line. After that, starting from this point, the fade goes up to about an inch upwards. For this process, It is used a hair clipper with the lever open. Then barbers put a #1 guard on the hair clippers and go up an inch again. When this stage is completed, they continue to cut the hair gradually upwards. Different guards are used for each level and a smooth transition is created for the sides. Finally, the process is completed by blending all the hair gradually.

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The low fade haircut can combine with different fade variations such as drop fade, skin fade, or bald fade. In the drop fade, the hair drops behind the ear and creates an arch. Also, if you want a skin fade or bald fade, your sides are shaved with a hair clipper with the number zero.

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modern lon side swept low fade 537

Attractive Low Fade Haircuts Gallery

Comb Over Low Fade With Hard Part

If you want to mix classic and modern styles, comb over fade is the best for you. In this haircut, the hair on top is combed to one side, and applied a hair styling product for holding and shine. Besides, the sides taper gradually with the fade cutting technique.

comb over low fade with hard part 535

Buzz Cut Low Fade

This haircut is very tidy and clean. Firstly, barbers buzz your hair with a hair clipper (#1 or #2 guard). Then they crop your sides for a low fade.

buzz cut low fade 534

Messy Textured Quiff Low Fade

You need to have enough hair length for this hairstyle. Scissors and hair clippers are used together for cutting. It is an extremely modern and stylish haircut. The texture effect created on the hair at the top of the head is eye-catching.

textured quiff low fade 533

Side Part Low Fade With Beard

The side part is a contemporary hairstyle that perfectly matches the low fade. It is ideal for business life and daily use. It usually gives better results with straight hair. Maintenance and management are difficult. It is a popular hairstyle that men of all ages can use with pleasure.

comb over low fade with hard part 532

Modern Pompadour Low Fade

Thanks to the reinterpretation of the pompadour which is one of the most impressive hairstyles, it has occurred amazing haircuts. Pompadour low fade is the best example of these fashionable haircuts. This hairstyle, which has a nostalgic effect on it, is very popular today.

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modern quiff low fade 530

Slick Back Pompadour Low Fade With Beard

short pompadour low fade 520

Asymmetrical Comb Back Low Fade

messy asymmetrical low fade 529

Modern Side Swept Low Fade

side swept low fade 519

Blunt Cut Low Fade With Hard Part

blunt cut low fade with hard part 531

Spiky Quiff Low Fadespiky quiff witgh low fade 521

Modern Comb Over Low Fade With Hairline

modern comb over low fade 536

Layered Spiky Quiff Skin Low Fade

spiky quiff witgh low fade 522

Textured Crop Low Fade

textured low fade 524

Ivy League Low Fade With Hard Part

classic side part low fade 525

Hard Part Low Fade With Hair Design

modern low fade with hard part 526

Long Ivy League Low Fade

long ivy league with low fade 527

Short Comb Back Low Fade

slick over low fade 528

Long Top Short Sides Low Fade

long top short sides low fade 518

Modern Messy Caesar Cut Low Fade

modern caesar cut low fade 517

Curly Fringe Low Fade

curly fringe low fade 514

Classic Side Part Low Fade With Taper

classic comb over low fade 515

Long Messy Fringe Low Fade

messy fringe low fade 513

Short Ivy League Low Fade With Hairline

shoq quiff low fade with hairline 512

Modern Side Swept Low Fade With Hard Part

side swept low fade with hard part 511

Long Side Parting Blunt Cut Low Fade

medium ivy league low fade 510

Afro Low Fade With Beard

high top low fade 509

Classic Pompadour Low Fade With Beard

French Crop Low Fade

french crop low fade 500

Combed Low Fade With Hard Part

side part low fade 507

Mohawk Low Fade

modern mohawk low fade 506

Wavy Quiff Low Fade With Beard

modern pompadour low fade 505

Slicked Back Low Fade With Beard

slick blonde quiff low fade 504

Slick Comb Back Low Fade With Hairline

comb back low fade 503

Short Slick Back Low Fade With Taper

slick wavy low fade 502

Short Twists Low Fade With Hairlineshort afro low fade 501

Textured Modern Pompadour Low Fade With Taper

modern textured pompadour low fade 538

Messy Disheveled Quiff Low Fade

redhead wavy low fade 539

Long Afro High Top Low Fade

sponge twist low fade 540

Messy Ivy League Low Fade With Taper

messy low fade 542

Disconnected Low Fade

slick comb over low fade 545

Afro Buzz Cut Low Fade With Beard

buzz cut low fade with hairline 543

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