Undercut fade is a mixed haircut created by using fade and undercut hair cutting techniques together. Shortly we can say it is a combination of undercut and fade hairstyles. We are sharing the latest and fashionable 2021 undercut fade haircuts for inspiration in this post.

Undercut is a timeless haircut that is quite fashionable and popular in different periods of the 1900s. Typically, the hair on the top of the head is long while the back and sides are trimmed very short. In this haircut, there is a clear contrast between the top and sides of the hair.

Fade means that tapering hair from bottom to top as close as possible to the scalp. Also, there is a transition of lengths and color on the back and sides of the hair in fade. Fade haircut is not all buzzed to one length and has some sort of variation of lengths blended in together.

Undercut is compatible with all types of fade hair cutting techniques. When applying undercut fade, you can choose any of low fade, mid fade, high fade, drop fade, bald fade, skin fade, and taper fade styles.

What Is An Undercut Fade Haircuts?

Undercut fade is basically a short men’s haircut that has a blurry fade. In other words, it is also a creative hairstyle that combines two different men’s haircuts such as undercut and fade. Besides that, the undercut fade and high fade haircut can be confused. Because these two haircuts are quite similar.

When it comes to disconnected undercut haircuts, the most preferred hairstyles for the top of the hair are quiff, pompadour and slicked back.

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2021 The Best Undercut Fade Haircuts

Undercut fade haircuts are clean, cool, versatile and sophisticated. Also, this haircut has become extremely popular again with Peaky Blinders.

You definitely find a suitable undercut fade alternative below. After that, we are sure that you will run towards your barber.

1. Slicked Back Undercut Fade Haircuts

This haircut is perhaps the most common undercut style. Slicked back undercut fade is a haircut that short-cropped the sides and back while the hair on the top is long enough to be able to slick it back.

slicked back undercut fade haircuts 1

Credit: javi_thebarber_ slicked back undercut fade haircuts 2

Credit: barber.josh.o.p slicked back undercut fade haircuts 3 slicked back undercut fade haircuts 4

Credit: erichagberg slicked back undercut fade haircuts 5

We see that the slicked back undercut hairstyle has become more and more popular after world war movies such as Furry, where Brad Pit recently acted.

This hairstyle can also be preferred with a beard.

2. Long Length Undercut Fade Haircuts

When undercut fade haircuts are used with long hair, an extremely disconnected look can be obtained.

If you are a long-haired man, you can combine hairstyles such as long quiff, pompadour, side-swept with undercut fade.

Credit: spukthebarber

long length undercut fade haircuts 1

long length undercut fade haircuts 2

Credit: giuse_laguardialong length undercut fade haircuts 3

3. Undercut Low Fade

A low fade is a haircut that the fade line is lower than other fade styles. This is a no-risky and beautiful short haircut.

Credit: swisshairbyzainal

undercut low fade 1 undercut low fade 2

undercut low fade 3

Credit: kvenzo.barber.cuts

undercut low fade 4

4. Undercut Mid Fade

While the mid fade reveals the visual appeal of the fade style, on the one hand, it also avoids an exaggerated application like high fade or skin fade.

Undercut mid fade very popular and attractive haircut. We strongly recommend men who will try such a hairstyle for the first time.

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Credit: erichagberg

undercut mid fade 4

Credit: ciarancollopyundercut mid fade 1

Credit: v.hugostyles undercut mid fade 2

Credit: swisshairbyzainal undercut mid fade 3

5. Undercut High Fade

The high fade undercut looks neat and edgy. Also, it has a disconnected looks because of the contrast between the top of the head and high blurry fade sides.

Credit: z_ramsey

undercut high fade 1 undercut high fade 2

undercut high fade 3 undercut high fade 4

6. Undercut Taper Fade

Three different hair cutting techniques are gathered in undercut taper fade. These are taper, fade and undercut.

This hairstyle reflects a fresh and clean look.

Credit: officialdiydan

undercut taper fade 3 undercut taper fade 1

undercut taper fade 2

7. Undercut Skin Fade

The skin fade haircut also is mentioned as a bald fade or zero fade. In this haircut, the hair is buzzed until the scalp is exposed. İt is used 0 guard on clippers for this process.

The skin fade is perfectly compatible with an undercut. Undercut skin fade can be among the first choices for free-spirited and independent men.

undercut skin fade 3

undercut skin fade 1

Credit: alexandr_berezovsky

undercut skin fade 2

8. Undercut Drop Fade

The undercut drop fade is almost the same as other fade styles. The difference is the fade line. Drop fade gradually lowers at the nape area.

Adding touches like the hard part of this haircut will increase its effect.

Credit: swisshairbyzainal

undercut drop fade 3

Credit: r.braid undercut drop fade 1

undercut drop fade 2

9. Undercut Bald Fade

The bald fade smoothly blends your hair into your scalp. There is a disconnected look between the long top and short sides. If you want a short men’s haircut, undercut and bald fade combination is fit for you.

undercut bald fade 4

undercut bald fade 1

Credit: ambarberia undercut bald fade 2

Credit: kvenzo.barber.cuts undercut bald fade 3

10. Curly Undercut Fade

Undercut fade style also gives a great look with curly hair.

We know how difficult it is to maintain and manage frizzy hair. Thanks to undercut fade, hair care and styling for curly hair is no longer a problem.

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curly undercut fade haircuts 2

Credit: moohammad_hamzecurly undercut fade haircuts 1

11. Comb Over Undercut Fade

Comb over got rid of classic look after its evolution and has become a very fashionable and chic hairstyle today. It has a very modern appearance especially when applied with undercut haircut.

Modern comb over haircuts can prefer a low, medium or high fade, undercut or taper.

Credit: javi_thebarber_

comb over undercut fade 2

comb over undercut fade 1

12. Quiff Undercut Fade

We can say that the quiff is a hairstyle that often completely matches with undercut. This haircut is ideal for short, medium or long length hair. There are many different options which you can choose.

Credit: giuse_laguardia

quiff undercut fade 1

Credit: m13ky quiff undercut fade 2

Credit: javi_thebarber_ quiff undercut fade 3

Is Undercut Fade Suitable For You?

Face Shape

If you have a long face shape, avoid the extra hair length at the top of your head. You should try slicked back or another short haircut for on the top of your hair.

Besides men with round faces can prefer to add a few inches with a style such as an undercut pompadour or quiff with tightly cropped sides.

Hair Type

Luckily undercut fade haircuts are compatible with curly, coarse, thin, fine and thick hair types. There are so many options and variations for undercut fade.

You can visit our Peaky Blinders Haircuts For Inspiration (The Definitive Guide) post for undercut haircut inspirations.

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