Mohawk fade haircut is a perfect option for men who is rugged, bold, confident, and powerful. Also, we can say that the mohawk is a timeless haircut. Because it has always been worn by men in different time periods of history.

Although Viking warriors spread fear with mohawk haircuts in the past, this style with a reinterpreted version is placed among the men’s hairstyle trends today. If you are a man with a rebellious spirit and you are looking for a new modern look, this style may be perfect for you.

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What Is The Mohawk Fade Haircut?

Mohawk fade is basically a combined haircut that is created by mohawk and fade haircuts. Historically, the origin of the mohawk haircut is the North American Indian tribes. In addition, It became one of the important symbols of punk culture in the 1970s.

The authentic mohawk version has a hair strip at the top of the head. Also, the sides are shaved completely. In modern variations, barbers cut hair on the sides gradually on the sides Instead of cropping the hair in the same length. Thus, the fade effect is created.

Besides, the mohawk fade is very similar to the mullet hairstyle. However, we can say that there are many differences between both styles. This style always reflects a rebel and free look. If you want to be a powerful and cool modern warrior, we definitely recommend you to try mohawk fade alternatives.

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How To Style A Mohawk Fade Haircut?

The traditional mohawk haircut is described as a sharp strip in the middle of the head and this hair strip goes on to the back. Also, the sides are shaved or buzzed in this haircut.

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When it comes to modern mohawk fade variations, We can easily see that the classic mohawk style has been updated and reinterpreted now. Therefore, you don’t have to prefer a classic spiky hair strip for the top no longer. It is possible to choose one of the modern style options.

In the mohawk fade, we can say that fade haircut variety such as burst fade, temple fade, and taper fade is often claimed by men. However, you can also prefer other fade versions.

The Best Mohawk Fade Haircut Gallery

Classic Mohawk Haircut

Here is the Viking-style mohawk haircut. It looks very cool, tough, and rebel. Also, this haircut is emphasized with a rugged and untidy beard. If you are a man who wants a powerful style, we highly recommend this combination. Ther is a long and bulky hair strip in the middle of the head. Besides, the sides are tapered sleekly.

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Modern Mohawk Fade

Modern mohawk fade is one of the stylish and bold haircuts today. In this haircut, the barber applies a burst fade version for the sides. The wavy strip at the top may be styled with some hair styling products such as pomade, gel, wax, or clay. In addition, If you want, you can add your hair a little slickness and shine.

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Spiky Mohawk Fade

This is an edgy, sharp, and sleek mohawk fade variation. It reflects a rock vibe. At the first glance, The sides and back are faded. We can see a skin fade example in this haircut. The spiky strip at the top doesn’t go to the back. The nape area short and shaved. Also, we can say that this haircut doesn’t look like the haircuts of the North American Mohawk tribes. It is a contemprary reintereption.

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Mohawk Fade With Messy Fringe

If you want a cool, sexy, and attractive mohawk fade alternative, this may be perfect for you. In this haircut, mohawk style is combined with mid fade. There is a messy and unregular fringe at the top. Especially, We recommend this style to young gents.

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Short Mohawk Fade

This short mohawk fade version may be the best option for men who like a clean, fresh and marginal haircut. Besides, it has a punk-styled look. Although the hair at the top is traditionally spiked vertically, this haircut is absolutely a modern style. It may be combined with a mid fade. We can say that this haircut is low maintenance. Also, stylish tattoos add a masculine style to this mohawk variety.

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Long Mohawk Fade

If you want a modern and catchy mohawk fade, you can consider this long hairstyle. Mohawk is quite suitable for long hair. Actually, this haircut looks like faux hawk style too. You can use a burst fade on the sides. Also, it is possible to enrich your appearance with tattoos and details like hair designs.

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Mohawk Fade With Quiff

The mohawk and low fade combination is a good alternative for guys. In this haircut, a thick strip reaches out the back in the middle of the head. The quiff style may be preferred in the front of the head. When it comes to this haircut, the sides are cropped gradually.

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Curly Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade works well with curly hair. If you want, you can have a perm for this style. When it comes to this curly haircut, there is a curly hair mound that runs along the middle of the head. Besides, you can pick temple fade or burst fade for the sides. Also, it is possible to add a stylish touch with details such as a beard and hairline.

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Mohawk Fade For Black Men (Fohawk Haircut)

Mohawk fade is very popular among Afro-American men. It is one of the dapper black men’s haircuts. This haircut is also known as the fohawk haircut. Typically, it is combined with a burst fade. Besides, the mohawk fade features cutting tricks such as razor lines and hairlines.

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Mohawk Fade With Hair Color

A mohawk fade is definitely compatible with different hair colors. Also, dyeing your hair will take this haircut to a higher level. The sides may be faded or shaved. Variations such as skin fade and bald fade are very suitable for this style. If you want, you ask your barber for a surgical line.

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Mohawk Fade With Hair Design

You can use different hair design alternatives with your mohawk fade haircut. Due to its sides are tapered or faded, it is very suitable for different hair designs. Also, you can try different options for the mohawk strip.

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Mohawk Fade For Asian Men

Mowhawk fade is also widely used among Asian men. Since it is versatile, this style is compatible with straight hair types. If you want a bold, tough and stylish haircut, we recommend you a rebel mohawk fade haircut. Besides, you can choose low fade, mid fade, or high fade for the sides of the head.

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