Mid fade haircuts are balanced and versatile. They pair perfectly with just about any hairstyle. If you think high fade haircuts are exaggerated or low fade too unnoticeable, a mid fade haircut might be ideal for you.

Mid fade has different variations. It may combine well with bald fade, drop fade, or skin fade. It is best to decide together with your barber what style of mid fade you want. Because factors such as your hair type and face shape are important that should be considered before making a choice.

What Is The Mid Fade Haircut?

Mid fade is also known as medium fade. To get this cut, the first guideline is created as a straight line at the temple area level (One or two inches above the ear), and the part under this guideline is shaved completely with a shaver. The hairstylist grabs a hair clipper with a one and a half guard and tapers your hair above the first guideline. In this way, the second guideline is determined. Finally, the barber cut gradually between these two guidelines to achieve a fading effect.

When it comes to mid fade, there is a gradual and smooth transition between the hair on the sides and back. Also, the hair is blended together and tapering from top to bottom. The mid fade haircut is right between low fade and high fade. Fade starts higher than low fade.

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How to Get  A Mid Fade?

First of all, you need to have enough hair length for a mid fade. 2 or 3 inches of hair length is enough to create the fade and transition effect on the sides and back.

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You can just tell your hairstylist that you want a mid fade for the sides and back. Since mid fade is a popular hairstyle, it is known by almost all professional barbers. If there is a photo of the hairstyle you like, you can also show it.

You have many hairstyle options for the top of your head. As we mentioned before, the mid fade haircut is very compatible with many styles. You can choose a combination that you think is suitable for you, considering your physical characteristics.

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Best Mid Fade Haircuts Gallery

1. Mid Fade Quiff

The mid fade haircut is perfectly matched with the quiff hairstyle. We can say that this combination is one of the most popular haircuts of recent years. If you want a cleaner and more neat hairstyle, you can try the mid skin fade cut technique for sides and back. This hairstyle can be easily preferred due to its advantages such as low maintenance, ease of management, and style.

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2. Short Mid Fade

We have an excellent suggestion for men who like short hairstyles. Short mid fade is a contemporary stylish haircut created by professional hairstylists and barbers. It is never boring and uniform. You can use this cut together with a short comb-over. This is a professional haircut. Also, it is possible to prefer a more casual style such as fringe, quiff, spiky haircut.

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3. Side Parted Mid Fade

The side part and mid fade is a fashionable pair that is frequently preferred by well-groomed men. In side-parted fade, you can add a slick finish to your hairstyle with hair styling products. Thus, you will have a catchy and chic appearance. In addition, this hairstyle is suitable for business life. It has a professional look. Even if maintenance and styling is a bit of a challenge, its magnificent appearance is worth this effort.

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4. Spiky Mid Fade

In this hairstyle, the hair on the top looks like spears. When it comes to sides and back, fading starts at a medium level and the hair becomes thinner from top to bottom. Mid fade adds a modern twist to this hairstyle. Besides, it is a haircut that is frequently used especially among young men.

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5. Mid Fade Fringe

Mid fade is very compatible with fringe. If you choose an asymmetrical fringe, your hairstyle looks more alluring. Ask your barber to gradually shorten the hair on the sides. Thanks to the smooth transition, your haircut will have a modern look.

mid fade 106

6. Textured Mid Fade

Textured top and faded sides. Here is another perfect style. Textured mid fade is one of the very attractive hairstyles.

mid fade 117

7. Faux Hawk Mid Fade

Mid fade and the faux hawk is an awesome combination. You can emphasize your style by adding a few razor strokes. Also, it is a good option to use a modern beard such as a goatee with this haircut.

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8. French Crop Mid Fade

French crop mid fade is a reinterpretation of a classic style with a modern perspective. If you like iconic haircuts, but you want trendy looks, this hairstyle is ideal for you.

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9. Curly Mid Fade

Mid fade is suitable for curly hair types. In this haircut, while the hair on the sides is gradually cut with a hair clipper, you can try different styles for the tops. Enjoy your unique and trendy hairstyle with wonderful curls.

mid fade 120

10. Long Mid Fade

The long mid fade features a big contrast between the top and sides. It is perfect for men looking for a modern and stylish haircut. Besides, you can make your hairstyle more distinctive and cool with details such as a hairline. Also, If you like, a modern beard may add some motion to your image. However, your hair needs to be long enough before you can have this haircut.

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