Bald fade is the newest member of the fade haircut family. Also, bald fade haircuts have always been one of the most preferred haircut choices for men who are adventurous, self-confident and know what they want.

Besides, bald fade is often called skin fade or zero fade. It has recently been discovered by hairstylists and professional barbers who have been guiding the hair world. It is a clean, smart, masculine haircut.

First of all, while applying bald fade haircut, the hair under the first reference hairline is shaved right down to the skin level. There is also a smooth transition between different hair lengths on the sides of hair as with other fade haircut styles. Besides, the top of the hair is long. There is a definite and high contrast between the top and sides of the hair in this haircut.

Also, bald fade haircuts can be mixed with other fashionable hairstyles such as quiff, pompadour, slicked back, comb over, fringe, spiky, crew cut, french crop, undercut, bowl cut, caesar cut, textured crop.

Besides bald fade haircuts can combine with low fade, mid fade, high fade, drop fade, taper fade or burst fade.

Besides, this hairstyle is compatible with short, medium length and long hair. It is also possible to get creative bald fade haircuts with hair types such as curly, straight, wavy.

Bald Fade vs Skin Fade: What Is The Difference?

The truth is bald fade and skin fade synonyms. Both haircuts also have sides and back cropped. Also, the sides and nape cut so short that it appears the scalp is visible.

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You can use both terms while describing the fade haircut you want to your barber.

Bald Fade Haircuts (All 2020 Bald Fade Styles)

In 2020, quite stylish and modern bald fade haircuts are waiting for us. We tried to share all bald fade alternatives with you. Thus, you can discover the hairstyle you like among many options and describe this bald fade haircut style to your barber.

1. Low Bald Fade

In the low bald fade haircut, the sides of the hair are shaved until the scalp is exposed. However, this process continues only one or two inches above the hairline.

You can prefer any hairstyle can be preferred for the upper part of the hair. Hairstyles such as quiff, pompadour, afro, high top match well with a bald fade.

Credit: swisshairbyzainal

low bald fade 1

Credit: jose.crespo_

low bald fade 2

low bald fade 3

2. Mid Bald Fade

The reference line for the fade cutting technique is the midpoint of the sides of the hair in the mid bald fade haircuts. It is combined with medium length hairstyles for men such us spiky, quiff, pompadour and comb-over.

Mid bald fade is a modern, fashionable and clean haircut for men. Also, this hairstyle is available for straight, wavy and curly hair.

Credit: iisakkinummi

mid bald fade 3

mid bald fade 1

Credit: seueliasmid bald fade 2

3. High Bald Fade

High bald fade is a disconnected haircut.  The hair length difference between the sides and the top of the hair is quite high.

In the first place, the sides and back are trimmed shortly with a clipper till the top of the head. After that, you can prefer any modern and trendy hairstyle for the top of the hair.

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high bald fade 4

Credit: napolesbarbershophigh bald fade 1

high bald fade 2

Credit: paul_barbercode

high bald fade 3

4. Bald Taper Fade

Taper fade is one of the most common haircuts. When it combines with a bald fade haircut creates a stylish haircut.

It is a haircut that is very easy to style and maintain. Besides, suitable hair products can be used according to the preferred haircut style at the top of the hair.

bald taper fade 1

Credit: ambarberia bald taper fade 2

bald taper fade 3

5. Drop Bald Fade

In drop bald fade haircut, the fade technique is applied to the back of the hair along with the sides. Drop bald fade is a more assertive haircut compared to other fade styles.

drop bald fade 3

Credit: masivip.hairclub drop bald fade 1

Credit: hamedhasaani

drop bald fade 2

6. Bald Fade With Quiff

We can say that the bald fade quiff is the best haircut in recent years. Besides, this hairstyle can be made more remarkable with hair design touches.

In quiff style, front and top parts of the hair are shaped with different hair styling products.  One of the bald fade variations like low bald fade, mid bald fade, high bald fade or drop bald fade can be preferred for the sides of the hair.

bald fade with quiff 1 bald fade with quiff 2

bald fade with quiff 3

7. Bald Fade With Pompadour

The pompadour is an iconic and timeless hairstyle. In addition, together with bald fade haircuts, it becomes a synthesis of classic and modern hair fashion.

It adds a more attractive looks with styles such as hairline and surgical part. While the tops are left long, the sides of the hair are thoroughly shaved.

bald fade with pompadour 1

Credit: r.braid

bald fade with pompadour 2

Credit: spukthebarberbald fade with pompadour 3

8. Bald Fade With Side Part

The side part haircuts are perfectly suitable for the business world. Also, It has a professional look. You can use this haircut with or without a beard.

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Bald fade with a side part is a very charismatic and trendy haircut.

bald fade with side part 1 bald fade with side part 2

bald fade with side part 3

9. Bald Fade With Spiky

Bald fade with spiky is available for men of all ages. But we often see these haircuts as teenage boy’s haircuts.

bald fade with spiky 1

Credit: ambarberia bald fade with spiky 2 bald fade with spiky 3

10. Bald Fade With Textured Crop

In this haircut, the barber cuts the top of the hair in layers.  Also, It is necessary to use scissors for this hair cutting technique. A great haircut shows up with textured crop and bald fade combination.

bald fade with textured crop 1

Credit: masivip.hairclub bald fade with textured crop 3

Credit: r.braidbald fade with textured crop 2

11. Bald Fade With Buzz Cut

Buzzcut is one of the most famous short haircuts. In addition, people know this haircut as a military haircut. Combined with the bald fade, it becomes a super sexy and masculine haircut.

Credit: kvenzo.barber.cuts

bald fade with buzz cut 2

Credit: patty_cuts bald fade with buzz cut 1

12. Bald Fade With Beard

Bald fade haircuts and different beard alternatives can create very beautiful styles together. Also, this haircut gives different results with long, short or stubbly beards.

We believe you will find a style that suits your fashion sense.

bald fade with beard 1

bald fade with beard 2

Credit: ambarberia bald fade with beard 3

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