Interestingly one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles, the pompadour is a hairstyle named after a woman. The source of inspiration for this hairstyle is Madame de Pompadour, the chief mistress of the 18th-century French king.

Pompadour has always been a popular and timeless men’s hairstyle throughout history. the golden age of this stylish haircut began with Elvis Presley in the 1950s. We can say that its popularity has increased considerably thanks to The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Today, it is still one of the indispensable alternatives to men’s hair fashion.

What is the Pompadour?

First of all, to have this hairstyle, you need to have enough length of hair above the head. A typical pompadour hairstyle stands out with voluminous and bulky hair.

classic pompadour 40

A pompadour is simply achieved by sweeping upwards a large volume of hair. The sides are combed neatly and kept close to the head. Also, the hair in front of the head is shaped to form a mound or quiff.

Although Pompadour hairstyle is generally considered a monotony style, it actually has a lot of variations and options for gentlemen. In this way, you can modify this hairstyle according to the conditions you have and the environments you are in. Shortly, it is versatile.

Also, with its contemporary versions, the pompadour is suitable for men of all ages.

Is the Pompadour suitable for me?

Hair Type

Many hairstylists and barber recommend pompadour to straight-haired men.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this hairstyle if you have wavy or curly hair. But the pompadour’s unique shape can be managed more easily with straight hair.

Hair Length & Cutting Technique

The most important factors for a good pompadour style are proper hair lengths and a good cut.

Balance is the most important thing for this hairstyle. Sufficient hair lengths are essential in the right parts of the hair for a beautiful shape.

When it comes to a pompadour, the length of the hair on the front of the head should be in the range of 4-6 cm. Also, your barber can advise you on the lengths you should have according to the pompadour variation you prefer.

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Face Shape

Pompadour suits men who have a more prominent jawline and bone structure on their faces. But a good barber can apply an ideal haircut depending on your face shape. It is possible to create illusions on the sizes of your face with some small cutting tricks.

If you have a long face shape, the sides of your hair should be left relatively longer. This movement reduces the contrast difference between the top and sides. Thus your face does not look longer.

The sides and back should be cut fairly short for the round face shape. But this is not a disconnected cutting technique like an undercut. It is important to create a smooth transition from the bottom to the top.

The Best Pompadour Hairstyle Alternatives

1. Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour basically features volume and high-shine. In traditional alternatives, there are different hair lengths on the top of the head. The fringe is longer than the crown area. Actually when it comes to a classic pompadour the hair on the front of the head is exaggeratedly left long compared to all other areas.

The contrast between the top and the sides is not so much. Hair is tapered gradually from top to bottom. Barbers generally apply scissor cut technique to shorten the back and sides.

Classic pompadour often reflects itself with greasy and shiny hair. You can use a hair styling product such as pomade or wax for a shiny finish. However, if you think that a slick and shiny look is old-school, it is possible to use your hair naturally.

Credit: mattyconrad

classic pompadour 9

classic pompadour 49

2. Modern Pompadour

Pompadour, a nostalgic hairstyle, has obtained a contemporary look with the effect of today’s hair fashion trends. This means a disconnected hairstyle. There is a sharp transition between the hair at the top of the head and the sides.

Modern alternatives are obtained by combining two or more cutting techniques. The most preferred haircut are fade, taper fade, and undercut. In modern alternatives, the sides and back are shaved fairly short with a hair clipper.

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modern pompadour 23

Credit: javi_thebarber_ modern pompadour 29

Credit: moohammad_hamze modern pompadour 31

modern pompadour 38

Credit: swisshairbyzainal modern pompadour 13

modern pompadour 14

Credit: giuse_laguardia modern pompadour 21

3. Short Pompadour

If you are a man who likes short hairstyles, don’t worry, pompadour also has short options. Thus you can have a clean, relax and low-maintenance hairstyle. Short alternatives are also suitable for many situations and environments as well as they are chic and fashionable.

The hair length in the short pompadour is shorter compared to the classic versions. In this hairstyle, the length of the fringe is usually less than 4cm. Also, the sides and back are usually clipped short. The hair may be the same length or faded.

For a cooler appearance, you can choose a hair styling product that adds shine to your hair. The most important advantage of this haircut is that you save time, product, and energy when styling your hair.

short pompadour 34 short pompadour 35

short pompadour 37 short pompadour 19
short pompadour 33

4. Textured Pompadour

Textured pompadour contains casual and relaxed hairstyle alternatives rather than a formal image. Unlike the plain and clean lines of the classic style, it looks messy. Textures and layers add movement to the hair.

These hairstyles give great results with wavy and thick hair types. After the haircut, you can use the ideal hair products such as clay or paste for styling. You can comb your hair for having shape you want, or just use your hands.

textured pompadour 1

Credit: cal_newsome

textured pompadour 4 textured pompadour 5

Credit: marianodivaio

textured pompadour 16 textured pompadour 17

Credit: alexandr_berezovsky textured pompadour 27

Credit: giuse_laguardia textured pompadour 41

5. Pompadour With Fade

Fade is unarguably the most popular haircut technique in recent years. It creates very stylish hairstyles when combined with a pompadour.

Different fade variations can be preferred for the sides in this haircut. Low fade, high fade, drop fade, burst fade, skin fade, bald fade are some of these options.

Tell your hairdresser that you want to combine these two haircuts. Professional barbers will guide you to a hairstyle that will suit your physical characteristics and style.

pompadour with fade 11 pompadour with fade 28

Credit: yosef.n.j

pompadour with fade 30 pompadour with fade 44

Credit: ambarberia pompadour with fade 45

Credit: ambarberia pompadour with fade 47

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6. Pompadour With Hard Part

You can be free and creative when choosing a modern hairstyle. Thus it is quite easy to make dramatic changes with little touches on your hair.

The hard part is one of the cutting techniques that make your hairstyle look much better. Also, it is quite compatible with the pompadour hairstyle.

It divides your hair into two parts with a straight and sharp line. A hard part is an effective method to obtain a contemporary image. It can be applied with different hair cutting techniques such as fade and taper.

pompadour with hard part 3

Credit: swisshairbyzainal pompadour with hard part 6

pompadour with hard part 8

Credit: javi_thebarber_ pompadour with hard part 24

Credit: ambarberia pompadour with hard part 42

7. Elvis Style Pompadour

Pompadour, a nostalgic hairstyle that got attention with the effect of rockabilly culture in the 1950s, became one of the most iconic and popular hairstyles in that time with Elvis Presley.

The most specific features of the Elvis Presley hairstyle are a large greasy mound that built up in the front of the head. It takes a lot of effort to achieve this shape. Due to it is difficult to maintain and manage, the interest in this traditional version has decreased day by day.

But today it is still preferred by some men. Because it is a very cool, masculine, and remarkable hairstyle.

Credit: umedboy94

elvis style pompadour 26

elvis style pompadour 39 elvis style pompadour 10
elvis style pompadour 25

8. Pompadour With Color

You can add a character to your modern pompadour style with different hair designs and color options. You have unlimited options to do this. If you are a brave man who is open to innovations, we definitely recommend you to try different style applications. More classical hairstyle alternatives may appropriate for conservative gentlemen.

Credit: moohammad_hamze

pompadour with color 18

Credit: moohammad_hamze pompadour with color 48

Credit: swisshairbyzainal

pompadour with color 46

9. Pompadour With Beard

You can have a sleek look by using your pompadour hairstyle together with a beard that fits your style. The best way to find a suitable style for you is to try different alternatives all the time. This variety also means a stylish and sophisticated exterior. But it is essential to go to your barber regularly for trimming your hair and beard.

pompadour with beard 7

pompadour with beard 32

Credit: seuelias

pompadour with beard 36

pompadour with beard 12

pompadour with beard 20

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