The skin fade haircut is one of the most remarkable haircuts in recent years. This haircut is also called zero fade or bald fade. It creates a high contrast between the sides and top of the hair. So, this haircut has a disconnected look.

The haircut is modern, stylish, and catchy. If you are a man who wants to try a new hairstyle, it is absolutely ideal for you. Also, it matches amazingly with other modern hairstyles. The skin fade can be used in combination with low fade, mid fade, or high fade. Besides, when this style works together with other fashionable hairstyles such as side part, quiff, comb over, a pompadour, and fringe, it is given fantastic results.

What Is The Skin Fade Haircut?

The skin fade is a member of the fade haircut family. The difference from other fade varieties is the shortness of the hair on the sides.

When it comes to a skin fade, the haircut starts with longer hair on top of the head, and then gradually becomes shorter down the sides and back, towards the neck.

When creating a skin fade, barbers first set a reference line. The hair is shaved down to the skin with a hair clipper. Your scalp will become clearly visible after the cutting process. Also, the hair length is almost zero under the bald line.

The rest of the process is the same as other fade types. Hair is cut gradually from the bottom up. Also, the length will increase while the barber goes up. Gradually shortened hair creates the fade effect.

The desired hairstyle can be used for the top of the hair. Modern hairstyles such as side part, quiff are extremely compatible with this fade type.

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mid skin fade 105

How To Get A Skin Fade Haircut?

If you have decided to have a skin fade haircut, there are some points you should consider before taking the barber chair.

First, it’s helpful to have 2-3 inches of hair length so that your barber can work properly. Actually, your hair length which you should have depends on your desired hairstyle.

Besides, you have to decide at what level the fade effect should be. While low fade is a less risky haircut, you can have a disconnected and catchy look with either mid fade or high fade.

Usually, an expert barber knows what to do when you ask for a skin fade. However, you will sometimes need to explain in detail the haircut you want.

Specify the starting point for the haircut and tell your barber that you want a skin fade. If you want to give more details, you can say that you want your hair will be tapered on the sides and back and blends into your skin at the bottom.

We recommend you to bring along a photo while you go to your barber. In this way, you can show exactly what the skin fade variation you want looks like.

The Best Skin Fade Haircuts For Men

1. Low Skin Fade

The low skin fade starts an inch above the ears. So it is an impressive yet understated haircut. The hair is cut down into the skin under the reference line.

This haircut is ideal for men who want to try this style for the first time. It can be used comfortably in the office, as it is not an exaggerated disconnected style.

Credit: menspiresalon

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low skin fade 110

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low skin fade 102

Credit: z_ramsey low skin fade 108

2. Mid Skin Fade

The mid skin fade is a complete balance. While the hair tapers on the sides and back, almost half of the sides are shaved without a guard. Fade effect is created by blending different hair lengths on the sides and back.

This haircut is very suitable for daily use. It reflects a cool and stylish look without being too overly. It also offers you a lot of hairstyle alternatives for using on the top of your head.

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mid skin fade 111

Credit: ron_the_barber66mid skin fade 113

Cerdit: sam_campagna
mid skin fade 121

3. High Skin Fade

The high skin fade is a haircut that can be preferred by men who are brave, free-spirited, careless. It has a disconnected look. The hair is shaved short enough to reveal the scalp completely on all sides.

This fade type is pretty similar to disconnected undercut. The only difference between these two haircuts is that the hair on the sides is shortened gradually when it comes to the skin fade.

You can prefer contemporary hairstyles such as slicked back, comb over, side part on the top.

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high skin fade 100

Credit: swisshairbyzainalhigh skin fade 103

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high skin fade 126

Credit: javi_thebarber_high skin fade 135

4. Short Skin Fade

The short skin fade is an extremely relaxed and low-maintenance haircut. It looks clean and neat.

In this haircut, the hair length at the top of the head is also not much. You can consider short hairstyles such as crew cut, short quiff, caesar cut, french crop, textured crop, buzz cut for the top. The fade effect can be low, medium, or high on the sides.

short skin fade 128

Credit: ruger_barbershort skin fade 129 short skin fade 130

short skin fade 132

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short skin fade 134

5. Skin Fade With Quiff

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that “the quiff” is the most loved hairstyle among all men. You can have amazing hairstyles by combining the quiff with the skin fade.

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If you have thick and voluminous hair, the quiff is perfect for you. It is easy to achieve a modern, expressive, and cool look by combining these two hairstyles.

Credit: barber.josh.o.p

skin fade with quiff 123

Credit: swisshairbyzainal skin fade with quiff 104

Credit: iisakkinummiskin fade with quiff 116

6. Skin Fade With Side Part

This haircut is a crazy combination of classic and modern styles. Traditionally side part is actually a nostalgic hairstyle. However, it has become a highly contemporary style today, with the touch of professional and creative hairstylists.

The side part is highly compatible with the skin fade and other fade varieties. Typically it looks tidy and sleek. Also, this haircut matches with suits perfectly.

While the hair is tapered and blended gradually until the scalp appears on the sides, it is created two parts at the top. In addition, if you want, you can emphasize your hairstyle with small touches such as the hard part technique.

Credit: patty_cuts

skin fade with side part 106

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skin fade with side part 107

Credit: dennismanofficialskin fade with side part 117

Credit: z_ramsey skin fade with side part 131

7. Skin Fade With Pompadour

There is no need for too many words for the pompadour. It is an iconic and timeless hairstyle. Today, we often see modern interpretations of this hairstyle.

It also pairs wonderfully with haircut techniques like fade and undercut. If you will try yo have a skin fade haircut, you can consider the pompadour style for the top of your head.

Credit: hayden_cassidy

skin fade with pompadour 112

Credit: markthebarber

skin fade with pompadour 119

8. Skin Fade With Fringe

Credit: lidsbarbers

skin fade with fringe 118

Credit: alan_beak

skin fade with fringe 124

9. Spiky Skin Fade

Credit: iisakkinummi

spiky skin fade 115

Credit: javi_thebarber_ spiky skin fade 114

10. Afro Skin Fade

Credit: xbigwesx

afro skin fade 133

Credit: xbigwesxafro skin fade 101

Credit: patty_cutsafro skin fade 122

11. Curly Skin Fade

Credit: menspiresalon

curly skin fade 109

Credit: egobarbers

curly skin fade 120

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curly skin fade 125

Credit: z_ramsey curly skin fade 127

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