Temple fade haircut is one of the youngest styles among fade variations. It is also called taper fade. This haircut has a modern, stylish and attractive look.

As the name suggests, the temple fade is related to the temple part of the head and sideburns. This haircut covers a small area. Therefore, we can say that it is a risk-free option for men who want to try new styles. Besides, when it comes to a temple fade, you can definitely find a suitable alternative for your style. Because there are many versions of this hairstyle.

Actually, although the temp fade is frequently preferred by black men, today is quite popular among gents all around the world. If you want a fresh and fashionable look, continue reading to get inspired.

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What Is the Temple Fade Haircut?

Temple fade which becomes in the early 2000s popular is one of the latest haircut alternatives. It is also known as the temp fade, blowout, Brooklyn fade, and taper fade.

In this haircut, the temple area and sideburns are faded. Besides, the nape may have a fade effect too. There is a smooth transition in the neckline and sideburns. Barbers taper the hair gradually in these parts with different hair clipper guards. The fade cut may have diversity around the temple area. This style has many options such as low temple fade, afro temple fade and, skin temple fade.

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How To Get A Temple Fade Haircut?

If you want to get a temple fade haircut, you should firstly have enough hair length. this style works well with short, medium-length, or long hair. you can determine the required hair length according to which hairstyle alternative you will choose.

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Also, If you want to have great results, it is best to show photos of the temp fade haircut you like to your barber. Many professional hairdressers know the temple fade or the taper fade. However, you shouldn’t leave something to chance.

When you sit in the barber chair, your barber tapers gradually your hair on the temple area and back of your head. this technique creates a smooth transition from the beard to sideburns. Also, it is possible to add some hair designs to your temple fade. Thus, you can emphasize your look. Lastly, you can finish your hairstyle by choosing a contemporary style alternative for the top of your head.

The Best Temple Fade Haircuts Gallery (Temp Fade)

Long Top Mid Temple Fade

Temple fade combines magnificently with long wavy hair. In this haircut, while the top is left long, the fade cut technique is applied for the temple areas. Mid fade may be a great option. Also, you can style your top of the head by combing the hair to one side. This hairstyle is an extremely modern and stylish choice with its alluring look.

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Short Slicked Back High Temple Fade

When the temple fade and the slicked back styles have gathered, it creates a perfect mixed hairstyle. If you are a man who is looking for a clean and short haircut, this style is suitable for you. In this haircut, temples are tapered very short. In addition, there is a seamless transition between the temple area and the beard. It looks fresh and sharp. You can style your top by combing your hair back. Also, several hair products can be used for holding.

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Low Temple Fade With Fringe

Temple fade with fringe is a haircut that is especially preferred by young men. It is suitable for casual use. You can create volume and textures by using some styling products at the top. This hairstyle has unlimited alternatives. You can pick one of the many fringe variations which it covers your forehead. Also, It is possible to make your hair more noticeable by using skin fade for the temple areas.

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Taper Fade With Quiff

The quiff is very popular all the time. Also, it works well with a temple fade. We recommend gents consider a taper cut for their sideburns and temples. Thus, it is possible to have a contemporary and fashionable appearance. Ask your barber for a taper fade. Your barber cuts your temple and nape gradually and creates a smooth transition.

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Low Temple Fade With Comb Back

Many men like classic haircuts. However, you can also have a modern style at the same time while wearing a classic hairstyle. Temple fade with comb back is a wonderful synthesis of the past and the future. The top is combed back with a brush or comb. Besides, the sides are tapered and faded.

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Afro Temple Fade

Temp fade is extremely popular among black men. This haircut features faded temple areas and a hairline. Also, there are small ringlets at the top. This style is usually called afro temple fade or blowout.

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Temp Fade With Modern Pompadour

Temple fade haircut matches perfectly with a pompadour. It is a very catchy and iconic haircut. Also, you can also add a few hair design touches to this style. Pompadour is compatible with thick hair types. Therefore, it requires volume and hair length.

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Mid Temple Fade Ivy League

Temple fade and ivy league is an amazing hairstyle combination. In this style, the temple area is tapered with a hair clipper. Due to the faded area is very short, the skin is clearly visible. This creates a disconnected look. Generally, temple fade haircuts are worn with different beard styles. Because, in this way, the fade effect on the sideburns is standouts.

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Spiky Temple Fade Haircut

Spiky hairstyles are dynamic, energetic, and crazy. They are widely used by many men today. Gents usually combine spiky hairstyles with different fade types. Temple fade or taper fade is one of these fade alternatives.

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Temple Fade With Hair Design

You can enrich your appearance by using hair design alternatives. Hair design also works well with temp fade as well as other fade variations. Before you decide which design option you will prefer, It is useful to take a look at the previous designs of the barbers or hairdressers you will visit. So you can have an idea about their design perspective.

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