If you want a modern and stylish haircut, types of fades may be suitable for you. Because fade haircuts are quite popular among men in recent years. Also, they have a clean, fresh, and neat look.

Thus, we have gathered the best types of fades to inspire you. You can find different inspirational photos for fade variations in this article. If you are a man who wants to try something new, take a look at our fade haircut alternatives gallery.

What Is The Fade Haircut?

In the fade haircut, the sides and back are tapered gradually and created a smooth transition from the bottom to the top of your head. The hair on the sides looks typically blended. Shortly, while hairdressers cut your sides short, they leave the top long for creating a fade effect.

The Best Types Of Fades

Low Fade

The low fade haircut is stylish and no-risky. Also, it is low maintenance. In the low fade haircut, the fade effect is at a low level. There isn’t a very high contrast between the top and the sides. We can say that this fade option is perfect for men who will try this style for the first time.

When you ask your barber for a low fade, they firstly clear your excessive hair on your sides and back. Then, your barber determines the first guideline just above your ear. They use generally a hair clipper with no guard and the lever all the way closed for the first guideline. Then, all hair below this hairline is shaved completely. After this, the lever is opened and barbers go up to create a second guideline about an inch. After the second guide line has been determined, the hair on the sides and back are tapered gradually and blended by using different guards.

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low fade haircut 1000 low fade haircut 1003

low fade haircut 1005 low fade haircut 1006
low fade haircut 1007 low fade haircut 1011

low fade haircut 1009

low fade haircut 1014

Mid Fade ( Medium Fade)

The mid fade haircut is one of the most preferred types of fades among men. It is also called the medium fade. In this haircut, the fade effect is higher than a low fade.

When it comes to mid-fade, hairdressers start from the temple area, go on towards the back of the head and create a guide line. This hairline is about a few inches above the ear. The rest of the haircutting process is exactly the same as low fade.

mid fade haircut 1005 mid fade haircut 1006

mid fade haircut 1007 mid fade haircut 1013
mid fade haircut 1014 mid fade haircut 1001
mid fade haircut 1004

High Fade

The high fade haircut is a fade version that has the biggest cropped area. In this haircut, the fade area is quite wide. Also, it has a disconnected look. Because there is a high contrast between the top and the sides of the head.

The hair on the sides is cut gradually in high fade like the other versions. Barbers may use hair clippers, trimmers, and shavers for the fade-cutting process. This haircut is also similar to the undercut style.

high fade haircut 1001

high fade haircut 1002 high fade haircut 1003
high fade haircut 1004 high fade haircut 1005
high fade haircut 1006 high fade haircut 1007

Skin Fade

The skin fade is a clean and neat fade variety. It is suitable for summer times. In this haircut, the fade area on the sides and back is shaved completely. Thus, the scalp is quite visible. In the other words, hairstylists cut your hair down to your skin. Also, the hair may be shaved on different levels. So, the skin fade has many options such as low skin fade, high skin fade. We can say that this haircut is definitely popular and trendy among men in recent years.

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skin fade haircut 1005 skin fade haircut 1006

skin fade haircut 1007 skin fade haircut 1010
skin fade haircut 1013 skin fade haircut 1017
skin fade haircut 1018

Bald Fade

The bald fade haircut is one of the masculine and attractive types of fades. Also, this haircut is often confused with a skin fade. However, while the bald fade goes to the back of the head as a straight line when it comes to the skin fade, the fade effect goes down the back of the head and drops to the bottom. Shortly, in this haircut, the back of the head is almost completely shaved.

This haircut has a sharp transition. Also, it looks disconnected. Because the sides are shaved completely. Besides, If you choose this style, you can wear many modern styles such as spiky, side part, quiff for the top of your head.

bald fade haircut 1000

bald fade haircut 1003 bald fade haircut 1004
bald fade haircut 1006 bald fade haircut 1007
bald fade haircut 1008 bald fade haircut 1009

Drop Fade

The drop fade haircut is one of the youngest members of the fade family. It is chic and fashionable. Also, we can say that this sexy haircut is versatile. So, It may be combined with other modern hairstyles such as quiff, fringe, pompadour, faux hawk, crew cut.

The drop fade is named this way because it looks like a drop when viewed from the back. The fade cutting technique starts from the temple area and goes along the sides. Then the hairline drops down from behind the ear. The fade cut on both sides is symmetrical and consistent. Thus, the drop shape is created on the back of the head.

drop fade haircut 1001 drop fade haircut 1002

drop fade haircut 1003 drop fade haircut 1004
drop fade haircut 1005 drop fade haircut 1006
drop fade haircut 1007

Taper Fade

The taper fade is modern, stylish, and trendy. If you are a man who is looking for a contemporary haircut, the taper fade may be perfect for you. In this haircut, the sideburns and the nape area are trimmed or tapered. Thus, barbers create a smooth transition on the sideburns and the neckline with a hair clipper. Also, the sides and back are cut short. This is a long top and short sides haircut. If you want you can style the hair at the top with some hair styling products such as pomade, clay, gel, and wax.

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taper fade haircut 1005

taper fade haircut 1009 taper fade haircut 1011
taper fade haircut 1012 taper fade haircut 1013
taper fade haircut 1014 taper fade haircut 1015
taper fade haircut 1002 taper fade haircut 1003

Temple Fade

The temple fade is also known as taper fade. As the name suggests, in this type of fade, the hair in the temple area is tapered and blended. So, the fade effect covers the temple area. This version may be combined with other variations such as skin fade.

temple fade haircut 1001 temple fade haircut 1002

temple fade haircut 1004 temple fade haircut 1005
temple fade haircut 1006 temple fade haircut 1007
temple fade haircut 1008 temple fade haircut 1009

Burst Fade

The burst fade is among the newest type of fades. It has a unique and sleek look. If you want a stylish haircut, you can consider this style. In this haircut, the arch-shaped fade cut is applied above the ear. So, the fade effect looks a half-circle. The guideline doesn’t go towards the back of the head. it resembles the sunrise.

burst fade haircut 1002 burst fade haircut 1003

burst fade haircut 1004 burst fade haircut 1005
burst fade haircut 1006 burst fade haircut 1007
burst fade haircut 1001

Undercut Fade

The undercut fade is a mixed haircut. It is created by combining undercut and fade styles. In this haircut, the sides and back cropped short. Also, the top is left long. Besides, there are lots of hairstyle alternatives such as slicked back, textured crop, and comb-over for the top of your head. It is suitable for straight, curly, and wavy hair types. If you pick this style, maintenance and styling are often easy. We recommend the undercut fade which is a popular haircut among types of fades.

undercut fade haircut 1010

undercut fade haircut 1011 undercut fade haircut 1001
undercut fade haircut 1002 undercut fade haircut 1004
undercut fade haircut 1005 undercut fade haircut 1007
undercut fade haircut 1008

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