The drop fade is one of the newest members of the fade haircut family. It reflects a signature look with a unique and stylish style. Also, the popularity of this fade type is increasing rapidly day by day.

This fade variation features a drop-like shape on the back of the head. It can be combined with other contemporary haircuts. This haircut creates unique styles with many modern hairstyles such as quiff, a pompadour, side part, and caesar cut. In addition, this haircut is generally compatible with all hair types.

What Is The Drop Fade Haircut?

As we mentioned earlier, the drop fade is actually a smart and particular variation of the popular fade haircut.

When it comes to the drop fade, the fade hair-cutting technique is applied from the temple area to the back of the head. The first fade line starts at the temple area. The sides are the same as the classic fade haircut. Then it drops down behind the ear. When looked at from a distance, this arc shape looks like a drop on the nape.

The drop fade is generally similar to a low fade. But sometimes it can also go up to the medium fade level. However, it is very rare that it is applied in a high fade guideline.

How To Get A Drop Fade Haircut?

This fade variation should definitely be applied by a professional barber. Some barbers may not know what it is the drop fade because it is a very new haircut. For this reason, while you ask your barber, we recommend you describe it with a photo.

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When barbers apply a drop fade, firstly they set a guideline right above the ear. This line starts from the level of the forehead and goes to the back of the head. Afterward, they clean the area under this line thoroughly with a shaver.

In the next step, the sides crop gradually with a hair clipper. It is used a few guards for different hair lengths and the fade effect. The hair is blended towards the top of the head and a smooth transition is created.

The most specific feature of a drop fade is that it looks like an arc above the ear. This hairline goes down on the behind of the head.

1. Sponge Twists Drop Fade With Hard Part

Drop fade is one of the most common black men’s haircuts. When this haircut combines with a neatly trimmed sponge twist, they create a pretty stylish hairstyle. In addition, the appearance of the hair can increase a level with a cutting technique such as the hard part.

sponge twist drop fade with hard part

2. Bowl Cut Drop Fade

Truth be told, the classic bowl cut is not a very exciting hairstyle. However, it is quite possible to have a special and sophisticated hairstyle when it is preferred with a drop fade.

drop fade with fringe

3. Short Afro Drop Fade

If you have a coarse hair type, a drop fade haircut is just for you. Leave some length on top of your head and ask your barber for a fade on the sides. In this way, you will get a clean, neat, and at the same time attractive hairstyle.

short afro drop fade

4. Wavy Drop Fade (Skin Fade)

This fade type is also very suitable for wavy hair. It is quite easy to have a cool and modern hairstyle with a good cut. You can try different styles for your hair on the top of the head.

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wavy skin drop fade

5. Short Textured Quiff Drop Fade

The drop fade is a versatile haircut. It gives great results with most contemporary hairstyles. One of them is a textured crop. Ask your barber for a layered quiff for the top of your hair and just wait for the great hairstyle you will achieve.

short quiff drop fade

6. Slicked Back Drop Fade

As everyone knows, the slicked-back undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles of recent years.

If you are looking for a different touch, you can choose to drop fade instead of undercut for your sides. In this way, while having a more unique hairstyle, you can also attract people’s attention with your style.

slick back drop fade

7. Curly Drop Fade With Hairline

Having a great haircut with your curly hair is very easy. All you need is to have enough hair length to leave a fringe in the front of your head. When you finish your haircut by choosing a drop fade for the sides, the mission will be completed.

curly drop fade

8. Textured Crop Drop Fade

This hairstyle is more suitable for men with thick and bushy hair. If you are in this class, you can have a sexy hairstyle by choosing a layered and textured cut for the top.

Firstly, your barber creates a fade for your sides with a hair clipper. Then, he creates your textures with a special scissors technique. When you look in the mirror, your appearance will make you extremely happy.

textured crop drop fade

9. Long Quiff Drop Fade

The quiff is undoubtedly one of men’s favorite hairstyles. This hairstyle, combined with a drop fade, creates an irresistible haircut. You can prefer low or medium fade for the sides.

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mid quiff drop fade

10. Textured Caesar Cut Drop Fade

This hairstyle is a contemporary version of the caesar cut, an iconic haircut. While this reworked hairstyle has a comfortable and messy look at the top, it reflects a fresh and clean image with the fade technique applied for the sides.

caesar cut drop fade

11. Blonde Quiff Drop Fade

comb over drop fade

12. Side Swept Drop Fade

side swept drop fade

13. Wavy Layered Quiff Drop Fade

ivy league drop fade

14. Ivy League Drop Fade

quiff drop fade with hairline

15. Long Comb Over Drop Fade

mid wavy drop fade

16. Side Part Drop Fade

side part drop fade

17. Spiky Quiff Drop Fade

spiky quiff drop fade

18. Layered Mid Quiff Drop Fade

layered drop fade

19. Short Slicked Back Drop Fade With Bear

pompadour drop fade

20. Curly Drop Fade With Hairline

curly drop fade with hairline

21. Short Spiky Drop Fade With Hard Part

spiky drop fade with hard part

22. Mid-Spiky Drop Fade With Beard

spiky mid drop fade

23. Asian Style Drop Fade

asian drop fade

24. Drop Fade With Dreads

drop fade with dreads

25. Classic Quiff Drop Fade

classic quiff drop fade

26. Frech Crop Drop Fade

french crop drop fade

27. Short Twists Drop Fade With Hairline

short twists drop fade with hairline

28. Short Pompadour Drop Fade With Hair Color

combed drop fade with hair color

29. Blonde Spiky Drop Fade With Beard

blonde spiky drop fade

30. Comb Back Drop Fade With Beard

slicked over drop fade with beard

31. Short Caesar Cut Drop Fade

textured french crop drop fade

32. Long Fringe Drop Fade With Hair Design

curly fringe drop fade with hair design

33. Long Spiky Fringe Drop Fade

spiky long fringe drop fade

34. Comb Over Drop Fade With Hairline

wavy low drop fade

35. Slicked Back Drop Fade With Beard

slicked back drop fade with beard

36. Messy Drop Fade (Skin Fade)

spiky drop fade


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