The comb over hairstyle was known as a boring style in which the hair was combed over the bald area in order to hide baldness in the past. However, this classic haircut has become one of the coolest, stylish, and modern hairstyles today with an incredible evolution. It is quite popular among businessmen, famous actors, and even hipsters.

A modern comb over is a haircut that is easy to maintain, versatile and chic. Thanks to its professional look, it gives gentlemen an authoritative and confident feeling. Also, it is a fairly common haircut applied in barbershops all over the world.

What Is The Comb Over?

The traditional comb over is a hairstyle obtained by sweeping the hair on the top of the head to one side.

In contemporary variations of this hairstyle, barbers often use several haircuts in combination. While the long hair on top is combed to one side, you may prefer modern cutting techniques such as fade or undercut for the sides and back. These mixed hairstyles are known by names such as comb over fade, comb over undercut.

This haircut reflects a look similar to the side part hairstyle that is fashionable and sexy. In addition, It can pair with the hard part from time to time. If you want, you can make your hair more emphasized with the hard part technique. Shortly, a comb over may be styled to your liking.

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How To Get A Comb Over Hairstyle?

All you need to have for a comb over is the sufficient amount of hair length at the top of your head. About 2-4 inches are ideal most of the time. But if you want, you can increase or decrease this length.

Secondly, you should know well what kind of haircut you want. Because it is possible to create unlimited combinations when it comes to a comb over.

In fact, the haircut you choose varies according to where you use it. If you are in official circles for more professional purposes, your choice should be more classical alternatives. Besides, disconnected haircuts such as fade or undercut are more suitable for casual situations.

In modern alternatives, the sides and back are usually trimmed with a hair clipper. The hair clipper can be adjusted according to the cut to be applied for the sides. Barbers usually perform a cut using a few different guards.

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Comb over style basically separates the hair into two parts. Normally the line between these parts is left naturally. But if you want to make your haircut more remarkable, we recommend you to try the hard part.

The hard part is a line that’s cut through the hair with a razor. It makes defined and sharp the line that divide your hair into two different parts. This little touch will have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your hair.

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How To Style A Comb Over?

You can style your hair on your own after your barber has completed the initial cut for the comb over style.

A perfect comb over haircut requires a high-quality pomade. A pomade provides a good hold and a little shine for your hair. We recommend that you consult a hairstylist or research online before purchasing any hair styling product.

Apply the pomade to slightly moist hair after washing your hair. Then brush your hair to one side with a comb. That’s it. Optionally, you can keep your hair shape with a hairdryer at the end of the process.

You can get different variations by combing your hair in different directions. If you want your hairstyle to look more natural, you can complete the styling with just a comb.

1. Classic Comb Over

In a classic comb, the hair length on the top and sides of the head is almost the same. Sometimes your barber tapers the sides with a hair clipper. However, your hair is gradually shortened when it comes to a traditional comb-over. There is no sharp transition between hair lengths and classic style doesn’t reflect a disconnected look. the top of the hair is combed to one side and optionally shaped with a hair product such as pomade.

This hairstyle is generally ideal for business life. It gives gentlemen a classy and authoritative look. It is unbelievingly compatible with a stylish suit. Also, we can say that you will feel like a boss with a classic comb over. Maybe you are already a boss.

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classic comb over 36

2. Comb Over Fade

Combover fade, unlike the classic style, has a high contrast between the top of the head and the sides. It is more suitable for daily use. Also, it is one of the modern and trendy haircuts.

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The sides are gradually shortened by a hair clipper that is adjusted using different guards. Your barber can cut your sides according to the fade variation you prefer. The scalp becomes clearly visible in the area where the fade technique is applied. The hair length is almost zero. the top is swept to the one side and styled.

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3. Comb Over Undercut

When the comb over combines with the undercut which is one of the most popular hairstyles creates a strong and great looking haircut. Barbershops know this hairstyle all over the world. We can say that men who are famous in many branches prefer a comb over undercut. In particular, hipsters often use this hairstyle in combination with a beard.

In this hairstyle, the hair at the top is brushed to one side with a comb while the sides are trimmed shorter than the top. The hair on the sides is the same length in an undercut style. How short your hair will be on the sides varies according to your desire.

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4. Comb Over With Hard Part

If you want your comb over hairstyle to look more catchy and impressive, you can easily achieve this with the hard part cutting technique. The hard part term is used to make clear the hairline that divides the hair into two with a razor.

The hard part is preferred with more contemporary haircuts such as comb over undercut or comb over fade. It will not give the desired effect with a classic version.

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5. Short Comb Over

If your hair is shorter than 2-3 inches, you can consider the short comb over haircut. When it comes to styling there is no difference from other alternatives. You can style your hair with a comb. The only difference is the hair length. Different variations such as fade and taper can be tried for the sides.

The advantages of this hairstyle are that it is easy to maintain and manage. Besides, it is ideal for the summer months. We definitely recommend it to men who love short hair.

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6. Long Comb Over

Long comb over is also known as side-swept. In this style, the hair is longer than the original version. If you intend to have this hairstyle, you should have at least 4-5 inches of hair length at the top of your head.

The sides are usually shortened. Modern cuts reveal more disconnected hairstyles. Besides, the hair pile at the top is swept to the side.

This haircut requires more hair care and more styling products. However, due to its sexy and cool look, we think it will be worth it.

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7. Slick Comb Over

Slick comb over is a stylish, neat, and charismatic hairstyle. It makes you look like a real gentleman. Get ready for the envious glances of the people around you with this alluring hairstyle.

A styling product that provides hold and slight shine like pomade is a must for a slick finish. The hair is combed and styled after applying a hair product. This hairstyle gives the best result with tapered hair.

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8. Ivy League Comb Over

This hairstyle owes its fame to the young men at Ivy League schools. Also, it is a classic and vintage haircut. But with the contribution of today’s creative hairstylists, it has taken on a new identity and has become modern.

This hairstyle is quite common among men. In fact, it does not leave much to say with its unique appearance.

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ivy league comb over 13 ivy league comb over 19

9. Wavy & Curly Comb Over

We have already mentioned that comb over haircuts is versatile. This hairstyle is also very suitable for men with wavy and curly hair.

If you have curly or wavy hair type, we recommend you to use some imagination. Thus, you can have many options with different cutting techniques. We are sure that you will find a unique comb over style that reflects yourself.

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10. Comb Over With Beard

Whether you prefer van dyke, goatee, or the full beard, the comb over hairstyle and a beard is a really good duo. You can find out which style is the best for you by trying different beard styles.

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