The hard part may create miracles for your hairstyles. You won’t believe how a basic and distinctive razor line changes your haircut. However, we can say that you will need a professional barber for a qualified hard part haircut. Try something new and add an extra touch to your hair with a stylish shaved line.

A hard part is used usually for dividing your hair into two different parts. But, you can also prefer it as a hair design element. All you need is a clean, straight, and sharp line. You should be ready for the impressive and stylish look of your hair. We have gathered all the best hard part haircut alternatives for you. You definitely take a look before visiting a barbershop.

What Is The Hard Part Haircut?

The hard part basically is a clean and distinctive line that is created by a razor blade or electric shaver. the scalp clearly visible. Therefore, it is different from a natural soft line. This style is also known as a razor line or shaved line. Also, it is often confused with a side part haircut.

A hard part can divide your hair clearly into two separate parts. This reflects a modern, fresh and sleek look. In addition, you can use it as a haircut design for your sides. It adds your hair more character.

The hard part is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional side part haircut. This style is versatile. We can say that it is compatible with lots of haircuts and hairstyles. A hard part works perfectly with a fade or undercut. Shaved areas of your hair add depth to your haircut.

hard part haircut 21

How To Get A Hard Part?

If you want a hard part haircut, there are many alternatives. You can get support from your barber to determine the most suitable hairstyle for your face shape and hair type. The hard part isn’t a haircut that you can apply on your own. You should get help from a hairdresser.

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After you decided which haircut your want, ask your barber for a clean line shaved down to the scalp with a trimmer or razor for dividing your hair. Shaved line length and thickness may vary depending on the haircut you prefer. When it comes to modern hard part haircuts, while the top is kept at a medium hair length for styling, the sides are cut pretty short. We recommend you fade variations such as skin fade or drop fade for a fresher and more modern look.

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How To Maintain Your Hard Part?

A hard part features a clean, sharp and distinct line. Therefore, we can say that it requires regular maintenance. Thus, it is possible to protect its neat and polished look. We recommend you to visit your barbershop per week for the maintenance of your haircut.

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The Best Hard Part Haircut Gallery

Textured Hard Part With Mid Fade

If you are a man who wants to try a new haircut, the textured hard part may be a revolution for you. This haircut has many hair details. The top is left long and cut with texturizing shear. The sides are faded down to the scalp. The most important hair design element in this haircut is a razor line, separating the sides and top of the hair. Also, we can say that hairline and eyebrow details enrich this modern and stylish haircut.

hard part haircut 7

Modern Hard Part Haircut

If the traditional side part haircut isn’t satisfying you, you can add some magic to your hair with a modern hard part style. This contemporary haircut features a skin fade and defined shaved line. The hair at the top is combed to one side. Also, you can a few hair products such as clay, wax, or pomade for slickness and shine.

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Spiky Hard Part With Drop Fade

This haircut is very popular among young men. However, men of all ages can choose this style. It has a thin hard part line. the top is styled upwards. You can ask your barber or hairdresser for a drop fade for your sides to complete your haircut.

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Wavy Hard Part With Skin Fade

The hard part also works well with wavy hair. If you have wavy and thin hair, you can consider this clean and fresh hairstyle. The top is combed upwards and fixed. We can say that a skin fade creates a neat and polished look. In addition, a distinctive razor line definitely elevates your haircut

hard part haircut 2

Messy Lined Haircut Design With Fade

This is a unique and sleek haircut. While the sides are faded, the top is left long. Messy fringe looks cool and sexy. The key feature of this haircut is shaved lines. These razor lines add a character to this hairstyle. We recommend this haircut design for men who wants to try new styles.

hard part haircut 3

Low Fade Hard Part Haircut With Beard

We can say that this is an iconic shaved parted haircut. A hard part haircut may be perfectly combined with a fade. The hair at the top is shiny and combed. Also, clean and modern sides accompany this fashionable hairstyle. If you want, you can also add a suitable beard to enrich this look.

hard part haircut 3

Modern Thick Hard Part With Quiff

The hard part and the quiff are awesome duos. This haircut has a thick and distinct razor line which is dividing the hair into two sections. A low fade reinforces the mannish look of this haircut. In addition, you can complete your image with a modern beard.

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Comb Over Shaved Part With Fade

If you want a contemporary hard part haircut, this may be suitable for you. This hairstyle looks natural and simple. However, it is very impressive. The top is combed to one side. Also, you can ask your barber for a fade for your sides and back. This haircut is suitable for both business and daily use. Besides that, it also works well with thin hair.

hard part haircut 8

Layered Hard Part With Low Fade

Here is a modern, energetic and new hard part haircut. It has a clean, sharp and thin line shaved into the side of the head. Also, faded sides reflect a sexy look. The top may be styled with scissors, blow dryer and hair styling products combination.

hard part haircut 10

Short Hard Part With Undercut

The Razor line is compatible with short hair. You can emphasize your hair with a clean line. Also, this line may contain your eyebrows. The undercut gives you a modern look. It is also possible a stylish beard. This style is bold, neat, sexy, and masculine.

hard part haircut 1

Hard Part With Side-Swept

The hard part works well with long hair too. Side-swept may be a good choice. If you want a sexy and cool hairstyle, we recommend this style with shaved line. It is very suitable for men who likes natural hairstyles.

hard part haircut 20

Comb Back Shaved Parted Haircut With Fade

This is a catchy, attractive, and modern haircut. It can be preferred as a fade for sides. Your barber creates spiky hair at the top with hair styling products such as wax, gel, or pomade.

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