Two block haircut, a Korean-based hairstyle, is an iconic haircut that is increasing its popularity day by day. Also, we can say that this haircut is one of the prominent style alternatives of the Korean Pop (K-Pop) trend.

Although the two block haircut was initially worn among  Asian men, many men from different cultures prefer this hairstyle today. The two-block haircut is in demand too much because it is a stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle.

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What Is The Two Block Haircut?

Basically, two block haircut is a Korean haircut with a long top and short sides. This haircut looks like a bowl cut in terms of its appearance. Also, it resembles an undercut style.

A two block haircut has trimmed or shaved sides. Besides, the hair at the top is long in this style. When it comes to this haircut, barbers cut the sides quite short. On the contrary, the top is left long as possible. There is high contrast between the sides and the top. When looking from the outside, the difference between hair lengths can be noticed immediately.

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How To Style A Two Block Haircut?

When it comes to a two block haircut, there are many styling options. This haircut features typically bowl-shaped hair at the top. The sides are trimmed, cropped, or shaved very short. Barbers usually use hair clippers for the sides and back. It is preferred scissors for the top. Besides, the hair at the top is styled with a blow dryer. Generally, there are fringe or bangs on the forehead.

We recommend you show your barber two block haircut photo which you like before you sit on the barber chair. In this way, you can have the haircut you desire.

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The Best Two Block Haircuts For Men Gallery

Classic Two Block Haircut

The classic two block haircut has a natural look. In this haircut, the sides are trimmed short the top is quite longer than the sides. However, there is no disconnected appearance too much. Because hairdressers don’t shave the sides completely. We can say that this hairstyle is frequently used by Asian men.

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Two Block Haircut With Undercut

We mentioned earlier that two block haircuts are similar to the undercut style. Sometimes, these two styles may be applied in combination. In this haircut, barbers crop all the sides short, and the hair at the top is left long. Also, you can prefer a fringe for this style.

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Messy Two Block Haircut

If you are a man who loves natural and disheveled hairstyles, a messy two block haircut may be perfect for you. You can use some hair stylings products such as pomade and clay for a messy look. In this haircut, the top has to have enough hair length. Thus, it is possible to have a voluminous and catchy style.

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Slick Two Block Haircut

A two block haircut may have a wet look. You can choose a few hair styling products for slickness and a wet appearance. Also, it is a style option to use your hair by dividing it into two in the middle. This two-block haircut variation is suitable for thin or thick hair types. Especially, it is preferred by young Korean men.

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Curly Two Block Haircut

Two block haircut is compatible with curly hair type. Also, it is an awesome style alternative for curly hair that often has a rebellious follicle structure. In this haircut, the sides are trimmed and the top is left long. You can have natural curls with this haircut or style it.

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Short Two Block Haircut

The short two block haircut is clean, neat, and stylish. It is especially ideal for summer. Due to it is easy to maintain, you can use this haircut without trouble. In this style, the temple area is cropped completely. The hair at the top is relatively longer than the sides.

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Long Two Block Haircut

A long two block haircut is a very cool and attractive style. It is often preferred by famous K-pop stars. When it comes to this haircut, you need time to manage your hair. Also, it requires regular barber visits.

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Textured Two Block Haircut

Textured two block haircut is one of the very popular Asian hairstyles. It is used texturizing shears to style the hair at the top. Then, you can apply some hair products to emphasize its textured look. Also, this haircut is more suitable for straight and wavy hair.

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Two Block Haircut With Hair Color

You can try different hair colors with a two-block haircut. Thus, it is possible to have a marginal and unique style. Many Korean Pop artists use colorful two block haircuts. You can attract all the attention by choosing this haircut.

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