Silver hair men is a trend that grows rapidly day by day in the men’s hair world. Although, gray hair tones have already been accepted as symbols of wisdom, maturity, and charisma for middle-aged men, today, ashy colors and smoked shades are quite popular for the young generation too.

We believe that thanks to the contribution of famous men, silver hair colors are so fashionable. Famous male stars like Zayn Malik, Instagram influencers who take the pulse of men’s fashion caused the explosion of the silver hair men trend. Also, while we mention gray hair fashion, it is a big mistake to forget the veteran of the movie’s world, George Clooney with gray and smoked hair colors and charisma.

Gray hair colors may seem marginal, challenging, and risky at first. However, we are sure that you won’t be able to give up once you get used to your new hair color. If you are looking for amazing silver hair color ideas, you should definitely take a look at our grey and silver hair men gallery.

Silver Hair Men Trend Is Suitable For Me?

We don’t know your hair characteristics, but our answer is a big yes. Because silver hair shades are extremely suitable for all hair types and hair lengths. However, the key is preferring a gray color tone and haircut to match your hair characteristics.

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The best way to choose the right silver hair color is to get help from a professional barber. If you try to dye your hair gray on your own at home, you may not get the results you want.

When it comes to the silver hair color palette, there are many options such as metallic grey, ash grey, blonde grey, dove grey, smoked grey, platinum grey, salt, and pepper grey. In fact, if you wish, your hair color can be gray close to white. At this point, you can get the most proper guidance from your barber or hairstylist.

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If we talk about a haircut that matches silver hair men trend, we can say that haircuts like fade or undercut will work well with your grey hair color. Besides, haircuts and hairstyles such as slicked back, side part, crew cut, quiff, pompadour, and spiky hair are compatible with silver shades. However, while you choose your haircut, we still recommend that you consider it with your barber.

How To Manage And Maintain Silver Hair?

While you follow the silver hair men trend The first step is to dye your hair. You have many different alternatives for gray colors such as gunmetal, smoky steel, or ashy shades. However, first of all, there are two important things about your hair. Your hair should not be damaged and you should get the grey color you really want. Therefore, as we mentioned before, we don’t recommend you dye your hair silver at home. But, if you decide to have silver dyed hair without visiting a hair colorist or barber, you can try hair products such as hair color waxes or liquids for trusted brands that provide temporary silver color. Of course, if you are a man who has naturally gray hair due to aging, we can say that you are lucky.

silver hair men 2

After you dyed your hair silver, you should maintain your hair for a healthy look. We can recommend you are considering some brightening conditioners and shampoos for silver hair. Also, after a while, your silver hair color will lose its awesome look due to your growing hair. At this point, it is important for regular barber and hair colorist visits.

The Best Silver Hair Men Gallery For Inspiration

1. White Silver Hair With Comb Over Fade

Silver hair, which is close to white, is very popular, especially among young men. This is a very light grey tone. Also, you can style your silver-dyed hair as you wish. However, we recommend you a comb-over hairstyle. Thus, you are ready that people envy your stylish and modern hairstyle.

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2. Long Ashy Silver Hair With Beard

Silver hair shades are also suitable for long hair. This is an ashy grey. We can say that you may get good results by combing back your hair. Besides, If you want, you can try some silver hair waxes for styling and shining.

silver hair men 6

3. Dove Gray Silver Hair With Undercut

Here’s another light gray shade. Dove grey is a beautiful silver tone for assertive, modern, and bold men. Many hairstyles work well with this hair color. However, you may prefer an undercut for a contemporary look.

silver hair men 4

4. Curly Silver Hair With Skin Fade

If you have curly hair or small ringlets, it is possible to go for silver hair. You should leave some amount of hair length at the top. The sides may be faded. You can ask your barber or hairdresser to shave your sides with a hair clipper. In short, it is enough to ask for a skin fade. Of course, after you decide on your grey tones, you will catch a silver hair men trend.

silver hair men 14

5.  Platinum Silver Hair With Caesar Cut

Silver hair color is compatible with short, medium length, and long hair. If you have short hair, you can consider a caesar cut. It is possible to reflect a modern and cool look by fading your sides. The top may messy or textured. Also, we recommend you add a stylish beard. Finally, the platinum silver tone will complete your look.

silver hair men 11

6. Blonde Silver Hair With Quiff

If you want a beautiful hair color, you should prefer to mix colors for blonde silver hair. We believe that the quiff will match perfectly with this dyed hair. In this haircut, the sides are tapered gradually. The scalp is clearly visible above your ears. Also, the top is styled upwards. You will have an amazing haircut with some scissors, trimmers, and hair clippers work. Enjoy your blonde silver hair.

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7. Metallic Silver Hair With Textured Crop

Metallic silver tones are preferred by men quite often. If you want a stylish, modern, cool hairstyle, you can consider a textured crop. In this style, the top is texturized with texturizing shears. This will create a disheveled look. You can get attention to grey-colored hair at the top by tapering your sides short.

 silver hair men 20

8. Salt & Pepper Silver Hair For Middle Aged Men

As we say before, we qualify natural gray-haired men as lucky. Because gray hair has a charming and authoritative vibe. Middle-aged men have a natural appeal due to their mature appearance and silver hair. Therefore, If you have naturally gray hair, don’t dye it. It is also quite possible to look good with any classic haircut. It will be enough to be well-groomed and to trim your hair and beard regularly.

silver hair men 5

9. Spiky Silver Hair With Fade

Here is a modern and chic spiky haircut. In this haircut, the sides are faded. The hair at the top is styled upwards like spikes. Also, it was created a stylish finish with grey hair dye. This spectacular hairstyle is a good example of silver hair men fashion.

 silver hair men 24

10. Side Parted Silver Fox Hair With Beard

We are proud to share this silver fox hairstyle. There are amazing silver shades in this hair. This is a beautiful mixed hairstyle that gathers classic and modern styles. The hair at the top is separated into two different sections and combed to one side. The sides are cut short. It is an extremely modern, classy, charismatic hairstyle.

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