Taper haircut is one of the timeless, stylish, and sophisticated haircuts for men. Whether you prefer classic or modern versions of this haircut, it is a style that is always trendy from the past to the present.

Tapered sides are easy to maintain, clean and neat. Therefore, a taper haircut is quite suitable for professional business life or daily use. Also, due to it is versatility, this haircut works perfectly with all face shapes and hair types.

What Is The Taper Haircut?

Taper haircut is simply one of the short sides long top haircuts. The sides and back can be cut into different hair lengths. Also, you can prefer many hairstyles such as slicked back, quiff, spiky, a pompadour, faux hawk, fringe for the top.

In traditional variations, barbers gradually taper the sides and back. However, the top is left long. They can use hair clippers or scissors for tapering. Besides, when it comes to modern versions of the taper haircut, the nape and sideburns are tapered with a hair clipper until the skin is clearly visible.

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How Can You Get A Taper Haircut?

If you are a man who is searching for a bold, attractive, and masculine haircut, the taper haircut may be perfect for you.

All it takes to get this haircut is to have enough hair length. The required hair length depends on which taper variation you prefer. Therefore, we firstly recommend you decide which taper haircut alternative you will choose before you visit your barber or hairstylist. Also, if you show your barber a photo of which hairstyle you want before the cutting process, you can have better results.

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As we mention, the taper is compatible with straight, wavy, or curly hair types. In addition, you can find a proper version for fine or thick hair.

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The Best Taper Haircut Gallery

The taper haircut is advantageous in every way. Because you don’t have to effort for maintenance and styling. Also, it is chic, tidy, and dapper style. If you prefer a taper hairstyle, we believe wholeheartedly that you will focus the attention of all women on your haircut. There are many classic and modern options in our gallery. Here are the best taper haircut alternatives to get inspired.

Modern Taper Haircut

Modern taper haircut is sophisticated and stylish. In this haircut, sideburns and the nape are tapered and blended with a hair clipper. Also, there may be a fade effect on the temple area. The sides and back typically are very short. In addition, you can prefer different hairstyle alternatives for the top.

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Classic Taper Haircut

When it comes to a classic taper haircut, barbers taper the sides short. However, this haircut has not a dramatic contrast between the top and the sides. So, When the hair on the sides is cut, the skin isn’t visible too much. We can say that classic taper haircut is a clean, neat, and low-maintenance haircut.

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Short Taper Haircut

As we mentioned before, a taper haircut is one of the long top short side haircuts. But, If you want, you can also choose a short hairstyle for the top of your head. As with other short haircuts, maintenance is easy in this haircut. In addition, you can style your hair practically. Short taper is edgy, clean, and tidy. We are sure that you will get attention with your haircut which has tapered sides and back.

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Taper Haircut With Mid Fade

If you are a man who is searching for a contemporary haircut, a taper haircut and fade combination may be perfect for you. Barbers shave sideburns upwards to create a smooth transition. The nape has also a fade effect. Shortly, the sides and back are tapered gradually and the hair is blended. It may be a good option to prefer spiky hair at the top. Besides, you can finish this style with a modern beard and hairline.

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Taper Haircut With Undercut

We are seeing that the undercut frequently combines with a taper haircut. This style is very popular in recent years. There is a high contrast between the top and the sides in this haircut. This contrast is created by tapering sides and back. You can consider modern hairstyle alternatives such as the slick back, comb over, or quiff for the top. Also, it is possible to style your hair with hair styling products like pomade, gel, wax, or clay.

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Skin Taper Fade

The skin taper fade is one of the newest haircuts. It is extremely trendy and stylish. In this haircut, the temple area is shaved completely. The scalp is clearly visible. Also, the rest of the sides are tapered by hairstylists. You can add a masculine touch to your look with a full beard.

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Curly Taper Haircut

A curly taper haircut is attractive, sexy, and catchy. Taper works amazingly with curly hair type. You have an alluring hairstyle by trimming your sides and back short. Besides, we recommend you try a natural look with your curls at the top.

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Taper Haircut With Comb Over

If you like classic taper haircuts, you can consider this style. In this haircut, the hair at the top is divided into two different sections and it is combed to one side with a brush. Also, the tapered sides and back have a clean and fresh look.

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Wavy Taper Haircut

Taper haircut matches wonderfully with the wavy hair type. Also, there are unlimited hairstyle options with your waves. In this haircut, hairdressers taper the temple area and neckline on the back of the head. In addition, you can style your hair at the top with a blow dryer and some hair styling products. Of course, It is another choice to use your wavy hair naturally.

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Taper Haircut With Fringe

You can combine a taper haircut with a fringe. This combination hairstyle is sexy, cool, and stylish. Also, if you have a fine or thin hair type, we recommend you consider a fringe. Thus, it is also possible to hide your receding hairline. You will have a lot of hairstyling options with this haircut. While the tapered sides reflect a clean and sharp look, you can prefer an amazing alternative such as angular fringe, asymmetric fringe for your hair on the forehead.

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