Medium length hairstyles for men are probably the most preferred hairstyles. If you have medium length hair, it’s possible to you find many hairstyle alternatives and variations.

Medium length hairstyles are highly compatible with short sides long top haircuts. Thus you can have one of the most fashionable hairstyles of recent years by choosing a medium length.

Also medium hairstyles give you a so cool look. Trimmed short sides and back create clean and fresh image. Long top reflects independent spirit. This combination reveals a sexy energy.

We recommend you take a glance our cool haircuts for men gallery for different hairstyle inspirations.

Trendy and Popular Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

As mentioned before, there are many alternatives for medium length hair.

These are fringe, quiff, textured, slicked back, comb over, pompadour, spiky, wavy, curly.

Of course if you combine these styles with fade haricut, you can have a modern and fashionable hairstyle.

Here are medium length hairstyles for men collection:

high fade and modern pompadour hairmanz

thick spiky taper haircut hairmanz

a messy hairstyle and beard combination

curly medium fade with hard part line

comb over taper medium length haircut

classic cool quiff hairmanz

stylish and sexy medium length hairstyle

long medium heavy wavy hairstyle

curly high fade haircut with design medium length modern pompadour with surgical line medium length hairstyles for men 34 short medium slicked back and beard medium length hairstyles for men 32 a unique medium length hairstyle with medium fade medium length hairstyles for men 21 medium length hairstyles for men 22 medium length hairstyles for men 23 medium length hairstyles for men 24 medium length hairstyles for men 25 medium length hairstyles for men 26 medium length hairstyles for men 27 medium length hairstyles for men 28 spiky medium fade hairstyle hairmanz medium length hairstyles for men 20 medium length hairstyles for men 19 medium length hairstyles for men 18 medium length hairstyles for men 17 medium length hairstyles for men 16 medium length hairstyles for men 14 medium length hairstyles for men 12 medium length hairstyles for men 3medium length hairstyles for men 4 messy and textured cool hairstyle medium length hairstyles for men 8 medium length hairstyles for men 9 medium length hairstyles for men 10 medium length hairstyles for men 2 high fade cool fringe hairmanz medium length hairstyles for men 45 medium length hairstyles for men 44 medium-short messy fringe

curly long top hairstyle hairmanz

medium length hairstyles for men 42 quiff with surgical line hairmanz heavy pompadour with low fade


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Important Tips For Who Prefer A Medium Length Hairstyles

First of all, we can say that medium length hairstyles give the best results with thick hair. Because of this who have thick hair type can be described as lucky.

But  it doesn’t mean that if you have fine or thin hair, the medium-length models don’t suit you.

Here is the key point:

You should apply a very good care while your hair is in the growth phase. It doesn’t matter whether you have thick hair or a fine hair, applying a right haircare is a must for a shining and spectacular hairstyle.

We will discuss how to do this later parts of this article.

Our second suggestion for who want to have a medium length hairstyles for men you should get advice for a hairstyle that matches your face shape.

If you choosed a few hairstyles from our medium length hairstyles gallery,  you can decide the the most suitable model with your face shape by eliminating some of them with your barber.

Lastly if you want a really good quality haircut, you should be sensitive to the point of barber or hairstylist selection. There are lots of wonderful hairdresser in different places. With a short research you can find a expert barber shop close to the area where you live.

How To Care Medium Length Hair

Hair Growing Stage:

If you have thick hair, you don’t need to make a lot of effort to care for your hair. With your daily hair care routine, you’ll be ready to medium length haircut when your hair long enough.

But If you have fine and thin hair your mission is a little more difficult.

Fine Hair vs Thin Hair

What is the difference between thin hair and fine hair?

Although these two words are used similar, they actually mean different things.

Essentially fine hair refers to the thickness ratio of the hair.

On the other hand thin hair is used to describe the closeness of strands to each other. briefly, thin hair as a term indicates the frequency of hair.

Haircare Tips For Fine Hair

Fine hair type can be maintain well with the right products for your hair type.

In the first step you should strengthen your fine hair and gain volume to get the desired look.

Thus you need two main products for your hair care.

  1. A volumizer shampoo
  2. A good quality hair conditioner

Here are the useful tips for hair care:

  • Wash your hair with a natural volumizing shampoo every day.
  • While your hair wet, don’t use brush. Because your hair break easliy while it’s wet.
  • If you want to repair and restore your hair, you should use a hair conditioner. But be careful! Especially fine hair follicles tend to grease quickly. So minimize the amount of conditioner you use and focus on the ends rather than your roots.
  • Your hair is much more susceptible to breakage when it’s wet. So after washing, dry your hair delicately with a towel. If it’s possible, you wait for your hair to dry with air. If you are going to use a blow dryer, prefer low temperatures.

Haircare Tips For Thin Hair

  • Try to stay away from stress
  • Change your nutrition: Avoid white sugar and carbs as much as possible, add collagen, vitamin B and biotin to your diet.
  • Use a good quality and naturel hair conditioner.
  • Massage your scalp.

After Cutting Stage:

  • Go to the barber regularly  to maintain the form of your hair.
  • Use natural products like argan oil for your hair health.
  • Prefer comb intead of brush, when your hair wet.
  • Avoid tight-fitting hats and harmful UVA/UVB sun rays.
  • Use shampoo or conditioner in every few days.

Style Advices For Medium Length Hair

The hair products you will choose to style your hair vary according to your preferred haircut and your hair type.

If you will try a medium length haircut the main hair products you can use to style your hair pomade, wax, hairspray, styling cream, clay, gel and paste.

Before you choose a hair styling product, we strongly recommend you to consult your hairdresser. Because he/she is the person who knows your hair best.

Pomade can be the ideal hair styling product for you, if your hairstyle is quiff, slicked back, pompadour.

Clay is a drier and less glue product than wax or pomade. For textured and messy look, you can apply clay while you style your hair.

Gel is a product that needs to be careful when using. Because it can damage your hair when used frequently. Maybe it can be used in moderation for like spiky and mohawk hairstyles. But hair care should be done well after use.

Paste is a versatile hair styling product for medium length hairstyles. Actually it is possible to use  paste for short, medium and long hairstyles. It is available for fringe and textured hair styles.

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