The popularity of the modern mullet which emerged with a reinterpretation of a retro haircut is rapidly increasing day by day. Although the modern mullet is not respected by many men, there is a special community among men who are crazy about this haircut.

We often see that the styles that were trendy in the past become fashionable again after a while. This behavior is definitely the same in the hair fashion world. Thus, we can say that the modern mullet is a haircut reborn today. It is iconic and versatile. Also, If you want to try something new or be marginal, this haircut is absolutely perfect for this purpose.

What Is The Modern Mullet Haircut?

Modern Mullet is basically a haircut that is created by blending the original mullet style with today’s modern hair fashion sense. In the traditional mullet, the hair at the back of the head is longer compared to the front. In addition, a modern mullet is typically characterized by short sides. Of course, that’s not the only feature of this modern haircut. Different looks can be created with other hair-cutting and styling techniques. Shortly, we can say that the modern mullet is a long hairstyle in which the hair is short at the front and sides, but long at the back.


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The Mullet Is Coming Back!

The classic mullet hairstyle was widely used in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Especially, In the 1970s, famous rock stars such as David Bowie, Rod Stewart, and Keith Richards contributed to the popularization of this hairstyle. Also, famous movie actors such as Mel Gibson and Patrick Swayze have frequently preferred the mullet hairstyle in the recent past.

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Besides, the mullet haircut is very popular in rural areas of the Southern United States. Today, It is often worn in many United States states such as Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

However, we can say that this style evolved with the modern mullet. It is an amazing and different style now. Also, many men from all over the world are coming into line in front of barbershops for this haircut now. Yes, the mullet is coming back. We are sharing the best modern mullet haircut alternatives to inspire you.

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How to Style A Modern Mullet Haircut?

In a modern mullet, you can prefer short sides. Your barber applies fade, undercut, or taper hair-cutting techniques for the sides of the head. Maybe, these cutting styles may be used as a combination.

Besides, when it comes to a modern mullet, you have also many styling options at the top. Slicked back, quiff, comb over, and fringe are awesome hairstyle options that you can use together with your mullet.

All you need to have for a modern mullet is enough hair length. Your hairdresser will take care of the rest. Also, this haircut doesn’t require any hair styling products. However, If you want to have volume and texture, you can consider a hair spray to create texture.

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The Best Modern Mullet Haircuts Gallery

Slicked Back Modern Mullet

The modern mullet haircut matches perfectly with a slick back hairstyle. You can complete this contemporary hairstyle by preferring an undercut for the sides. Also, this stylish and clean style is very similar to slicked-back undercut. It has a disconnected look. For a slick finish, you can choose some hair styling products. However, it is also possible to use your hair in a natural way.

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Modern Mullet With Quiff

If you want you can combine your mullet with a quiff. This is an extremely trendy and cool hairstyle. Of course, in this style, the hair at the back is left long. Also, the sides are cropped short. For extra volume, you may use some texturizing products at the top. Besides, a fashionable beard may emphasize your appearance.

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Modern Mullet With Comb Over

If you are a man who is looking for a charismatic and cool hairstyle, the modern mullet haircut is a perfect option for you. In this style, the hair at the top is combed to one side. The hair on the nape is also left long. In addition, the fade cut is very suitable for the sides. If you want, you can add a sleek beard to this haircut.

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Short Modern Mullet With Burst Fade

This is a unique and rare haircut. We can say that it is a modern mullet variation in which consists of different hair cutting techniques. In this haircut, the hairdresser applies a burst fade on the sides. Also, you can see an Edgar haircut or French crop at the front. This modern mullet version looks neat and fresh. If you want to try something new, you can consider this haircut.

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Wavy Modern Mullet

The modern mullet works well with wavy hair types. It has an unruly and volumizing look. You can prefer a fade, taper, or undercut on the sides.

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Modern Mullet With Hard Part

When it comes to a modern mullet, it is no limit. The hard part is a stylish example. In this hairstyle, there is a sharp line which is separating the hair into two sections. A hair clipper is used in this process. Also, you may ask your barber for an undercut for the sides.

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Messy Modern Mullet

Messy modern mullet is one of the unruly and untamed haircuts. Actually, it has a natural look. This style reflects powerful and masculine energy. All hair is messy and blended in this haircut.

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 Modern Mullet With Undercut

The modern mullet and undercut are amazing pairs. In this style, the sides may be shaved or trimmed short. The length of hair on the sides depends on how much-disconnected look you prefer. It is an ideal choice for well-groomed men.

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Mohawk Modern Mullet

Mohawk and modern mullet are very similar haircuts. In this style, barbers shave completely the hair on the sides. Also, the scalp is clearly visible. The hair at the top stretches back in a strip. It is a cool and modern haircut.

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Curly Modern Mullet

The modern mullet is suitable for curly hair too. In this contemporary hairstyle, The hair at the top is long, the sides are short. Also, there are natural curls at the top of the head.

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