Curly hair is a challenge for men. Because it is quite difficult to tame and style curly hair. But besides that, you can have unique and trendy one of the curly hairstyles for men If you go to a professional barber.

We understand that tangled locks can turn into a nightmare for you if you don’t know how to deal with frizzy and unruly hair.

Don’t worry!

We will share with you the hair care tips and styling advice for curly hair in the oncoming posts. Thus you can have natural volume and texture for your curly hair.

Curly hairstyles for men are unique, timeless, and versatile. Because of this most men can be a little jealous of your curly hairstyle. You can try rare curly haircut alternatives with your curly hair.

We are excited that we are sharing fashionable and stylish curly hairstyles for men in this article. Also, we have gathered curly hairstyles from the world-famous hairdressers and professional barbers in this special curly hairstyles and haircuts collection.

Here the best curly hairstyles for men are:

Short-Medium Length Curly Hairstyles For Men

If you are a curly-haired man you can prefer short curly hairstyles for men for a clean and fresh look. Short cuts like fade or undercut are always fit with curly hairstyles. Also, there are lots of curly haircuts for black men who have kinky or coily hair types.

1- Curly Bald Taper Fade With Hairline

In this hairstyle, the sides and back of the hair are trimming with the bald taper fade technique, while the upper parts of the hair are left long. hairlines are determined using a clipper. This curly haircut with tight ringlets is more suitable for men who have kinky hair types.

mid fade curly hairstyles for men with beard

2-  Curly Long Top Mid Fade With Beard

This curly hairstyle and beard combination perfectly complement each other. If you want a cool and modern curly men’s haircut, you don’t need to search anymore.

messy low fade curly hairstyle

3- Curly Geometric Top Taper

If you have wide curls, this haircut may be best for you. As with other curly modern haircuts, the sides and back of the hairs are shortened until the scalp appears. The top is cut geometrically. This haircut reminds the flat top model, except that it is curly.

Credit: spukthebarber

short flat top curly hairstyles for men

4- Long Top Short Sides Low Fade

This hairstyle has an independent and disconnected look. In addition, it is very suitable for daily use as it is easily shaped. Also, low fade applications reflect a clean and fresh appearance.

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short taper fade curly hairstyles for men

5- Curly Fringe Low Fade With Hair Design

This curly haircut is quite energetic and cool. The messy image on the top of the hair adds a movement to the hairstyle. Also, the design elements applied to the sides by the barber look quite nice.

Credit: kvenzo.barber.cuts

medium brown messy fringe curly hairstyles for men

6- Wavy & Curly Long Top Short Sides Haircut

We can say that this haircut is a combination of modern and classic styles. Wavy and curly top exposes an unruly look. The sides of the hair give a modern look even though it is cut at the same length.

ginger messy short side curly hairstyles for men

7- Mid Fade Curly Fringe

Fringe is a common haircut. But if you have a curly hair type you can have a unique curly hairstyles when you prefer the fringe style. As you can see in the example below, it is possible to get a perfect hairstyle when used with the mid fade technique.

Credit: snutko

brown taper fade fringe curly hairstyles for men

8- Natural Messy Curly Hairstyle

Certain men prefer to use natural and classic curly hairstyles. This curly hairstyle reflects exactly that.

blonde curly medium messy hairstyle

9- Messy Top Mid Fade Curly Hairstyles For Men

The mid taper fade is the most popular haircut technique in recent years. Besides that, if you have thick and curly hair, you can prefer this curly haircut. Because thick hair is required for the upper part of the hair. But for men with thin hair, this model will not produce the desired effect.

blonde short curly hairstyles for men

10- Curly Fringe Side Part Haircut With Surgical Line

In this haircut, many haircutting techniques were used together. At first glance, you can notice side part, taper and surgical line application. In addition, there is a fringe on the front part of the hair. If you are bored with the same hairstyles, it may be a good alternative for you.

surgical line fade curly hairstyles for men

11- Messy Curly Undercut With Beard

If you have coarse and thick hair, you may consider this men’s curly hairstyle. Also, This combination of hair and beard together creates a wild and masculine look.

curly undercut with beardCredit: reza_jax

12- Long Natural Fringe Curly Hairstyle

In this curly hairstyle, the front of the hair is left relatively long compared to the other parts. It can be an ideal choice for men who like classic haircuts. Also if you want voluminous hairs, we recommend this hairstyle for you.

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classic asymmetric curly hairstyle

13- Messy Curly Fringe Mid Fade With Design

Although this hairstyle is generally preferred by boys, it can appeal to a wide age audience. Hairstyle looks unusual with shaving techniques applied like a wave on the sides.

brown medium curly hairstyle with surgical line

14- Low Curly Taper Fade With Beard

In this curly hairstyle, a low taper fade provides a modern look. In addition, the top of hair appears bushy with thick hair type. Lastly, this curly haircut vaguely combines with the beards, creating a different style.

taper fade curly hairstyles for men 1

15- Classic Curly Quiff Hairstyle With Mustache

This curly hairstyle and mustache together give a nostalgic impression of the past. Also, we can say that the easy styling and managing are and positive aspects of the hairstyle. In addition, you can have a fashionable and timeless hairstyle like quiff with this application.

curly wavy classic curly hairstyle

16- Curly High Fade Long Top Hairstyle

In this curly hairstyle, a disconnected appearance is created with a high fade cutting technique. However, clippers were used on the upper parts of the hair. It is possible to describe this hairstyle as sexy, clean, modern.

fringe high fade curly hairstyle

17- Taper Fade Curly Long Fringe

This is a cool and attractive hairstyle. while long parts of hair radiate a charismatic energy, sides and back reflect rebellious spirit. Besides that, the curly hairstyle has been finalized with a stylish hair design.

fringe mid fade with design curly hairstyle

18- High Fade Curly Long Top With Design

In this curly haircut, the side parts are shaved quite short while the upper parts are left long. Several different hair cutting techniques were used during the haircut. This hairstyle can be called a seemingly unusual and unique hairstyle.

red high fade curly hairstyle

19-  Curly & Textured Medium Length Hairstyle

If you are a modern and old-fashioned man, this curly hairstyle may be suitable for you.

messy blonde curly hairstyle

20- Curly Low Fade With Hair Design

If you have thick hair and long face shape, this curly hairstyle is perfectly suitable for you. You will have an attractive appearance with the voluminous hair at the top of the head and design application on the sides.

Credit: moohammad_hamze

taper fade long top curly hairstyles for men

21-  Wavy & Curly Long Top Fringe With Surgical Line

This hairstyle is compatible with both curly and wavy hair types. It is also a curly haircut that men with thin hair can easily use. Hairstyle stands out with the applied design details.

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Credit: lidsbarbers

taper fade with surgical line curly hairstyle

22-  Long Curly Top Undercut

If you have smaller and tighter curls, you should consider this hairstyle. Also, this hairstyle can appeal to men of young ages. While the undercut technique is used on the sides, the upper parts are left long.

Credit: braidbarbers

undercut messy curly hairstyles

Medium – Long Length Curly Hairstyles For Men

If you have long and curly hair, you can get inspiration from the long curly hairstyles for men we will share below.

23-   Curly Classic Side Swept Hairstyle

The most significant feature of this curly hairstyle is the asymmetrical haircut technique. At the same time, We can say classic and cool for this haircut.

asymmetric medium curly hairstyle

24-  Medium – Long Curly Fringe

If you have smaller and tighter curls, you should take a look at this model. When your hair reaches a sufficient length, you can go to your barber for this curly haircut.

long fringe black curly hairstyle

25-  Asymmetric Blonde Long Curly Hairstyle

This is an unusual curly hairstyle with an asymmetrical look. It can be a suitable choice for men who are looking for a different and rare model.

blonde long top short side curly hairstyle

26-  Messy Voluminous Long Curly Hairstyle

This curly hairstyle has a lot of volume and texture. It can only be preferred by brave men because of its exaggerated look.

blonde long wildly curly hairstyle

27-  Long Natural Curly Hairstyles For Men

This curly hairstyle is perfect for men who like simplicity. In addition, you can show a natural and sexy look together with this curly hairstyle. It may be a good alternative for men with long hair.

brown long natural curly hairstyle

28-  Long Messy Attractive Curly Hairstyles For Men

This curly hairstyle is extremely attractive and sexy. If you choose this model, we guarantee that you will get all the attention. The famous singer and hairstyle idol Zayn Malik is the biggest proof of this.

Credit: zayn

long messy short sides curly hairstyle

29-  Long Vintage Curly Hairstyles For Men

In this curly hairstyle, you can find traces of the past. Also if you decide to use this hairstyle, you can reflect a modern and nostalgic look at the same time. This timeless hairstyle is always fashionable and trendy.

natural medium long curly hairstyle

30-  Wildly & Curly Long Hairstyles For Men

natural long medium curly hairstyle 2

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