The military haircut is the general name for neat, short haircuts of army origin. Soldiers have typically clean and fresh short haircuts in the army. At the same time, these hairstyles look sexy, masculine, and attractive. Also, military haircuts cover high and tight haircuts and crew cut styles, buzz cut styles, undercut styles, and more. Sometimes, the term induction cut may use to refer to military haircuts.

Although military haircuts are created due to their advantages such as providing a good view on the battlefield, being easy to maintain, and being a part of the army discipline, today they are among the popular haircuts that are frequently preferred by many men. These hairstyles look bold and stylish.

In addition, thanks to important war movies such as Fury and Saving Private Ryan, military haircuts have become quite common among men. Short sides and back, the long top is ideal for a clean and tidy appearance. This style is also suitable for military discipline.

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How to Style and Maintain Military Haircuts

Military haircuts are usually short and low-maintenance. In addition, you don’t need too much effort to style these haircuts.

It is possible to maintain your military-style by visiting your hairdresser or barber during certain periods. Your short haircut does not require any special care except washing your hair. Also, you don’t need any hair conditioner, etc.

If you have a high and tight haircut, you can use some hair styling products for the top of the hair. Some hair styling products such as wax, gel, pomade can help for stability and a slick look.

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The Best Military Haircuts For Men Gallery

Military haircuts contain the haircuts of the navy, air force, and ground forces. They are usually characterized by fairly short sides and partially long tops. Barbers frequently use haircutting techniques like undercut ve fade for army haircuts. Traditional military haircuts can be reinterpreted in a modern way by adding some touches such as the hard part. If you want, you can also try different hair colors with your military-style.

Induction Military Haircut

Induction cut is the most traditional military haircut. It’s a pure, clean, bold, and masculine hairstyle. In this hairstyle, barbers use a hair clipper with zero or one guard. All hair around the head is very short. Induction cut is one of the most low maintenance short haircuts. Also, it is frequently preferred in the army because of its advantages. The induction cut is similar to a buzz cut.

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Military Crew Cut

The crew cut is very popular in the army. It is a very neat and stylish military haircut. In the crew cut, the hair length at the top is slightly longer than the sides. However, it is still in the class of short haircuts. Styling and maintenance are pretty easy. A crew cut is perfect for soldiers and civilians. If you are a man who wants a classy and attractive haircut, you should consider this military style.

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High and Tight Military Haircut

High and Tight haircuts are also known as military haircuts. These haircuts look sexy, chic, and fresh. When it comes to a high and tight haircut, sides and back are cut extremely short. The hair on the top is left a little longer. This hairstyle is one of the most specific examples of the long top, short sides hairstyles. Today, many famous men prefer high and tight haircuts. Because, the military discipline behind this hairstyle reflects a strong, bold, and impressive energy.

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Burr Military Haircut With Razor Line

Burr cut is one of the most common military haircuts. It has a more modern and contemporary look compared to a buzz cut. Because of many reasons, burr cut is never monotonous and boring. The sides and back are typically faded. In addition, the top is quite short and of equal hair length. If you want, you can even make your haircut more attractive with a few razor strokes.

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Military Undercut

The undercut is one of the cool military haircuts that have become popular with famous war movies. In the movie Fury, iconic disconnected undercut hair worn by commander Brad Pitt quickly took its place among hair fashion trends. The prominent feature of this hairstyle is that the sides are quite short and the top is long. You can prefer different style options such as slicked back, textured, or spiky for the top of the head.

Regulation Military Haircut

Regulation Military Haircut is actually the same as side part hairstyles. It is very suitable for business life thanks to its regular, neat and professional appearance. If you are a man who wants a short fashionable haircut, the regulation cut is perfect for you. It is one of the amazing army haircuts.

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 Military Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut is one of the military haircuts that quickly became popular with the second world war. In recent years, this haircut has been reinterpreted by master barbers to create contemporary variations. Nowadays, it has become a frequently preferred haircut by many stylish men. In the modern hair world, gents are rising in military ranks with the bowl cut.

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Military Buzz Cut

Buzzcut is a very classic and simple military haircut. All of the hair is shaved with a hair clipper. It is a basic, short but sexy hairstyle. It is a very attractive haircut because it highlights the masculine bone structure of the face. Buzzcut is probably the most frequently used haircut in the army.

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