Vikings are powerful Nordic warriors who lived hundreds of years ago and left their mark on history. This reputation of the Vikings depends on their appearance as well as their fighting skills. Especially thanks to the masculine and bold Viking hairstyles they use, they have always spread fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Viking hairstyles, which have become very popular today with the History Channel’s TV series Vikings, are extremely suitable for men who want to have a tough, stylish, and masculine looks.

When it comes to Viking hairstyles, you have many different options like braids, ponytails, disconnected undercuts, and messy beard styles. But keep in mind that these eye-catching haircuts can only be the choice of strong, brave men. If you are ready to take risks for an amazing appearance, we share the best Viking hairstyles and haircuts with you for inspiration.

The Best Viking Hairstyles Gallery For Powerful Men

1. Spiky Viking Hairstyle With Shaved Back

The first haircut that comes to mind when it comes to Viking hairstyles is undoubtedly the undercut. Vikings used this haircut in many different ways. The masculine and tough look of the disconnected undercut gave Vikings a strong and warrior character.

In a traditional undercut, the sides and back of the hair are cut extremely short, while the tops are left long. There are lots of hairstyle alternatives for the top of the hair.

viking hairstyles 24

2. Long Bald Side Swept With Goatee Beard

One of the most popular Viking hairstyles is side-swept. There are different variations of this hairstyle. Especially when it comes to Viking haircuts, the difference in hair length between different parts of the hair is quite high in the side-swept style. This hairstyle has a disconnected look.

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Half of the hair is left long while the other half is shaved completely in this hairstyle. The long hair is combed to one side. If you wish, you can add a beard such as a goatee to this Viking hairstyle for a more masculine look.

viking hairstyles 25

3. Long Braided Ponytail With Undercut

Viking hairstyles are usually characterized by a long top and shaved sides. One of these hairstyles is a braided ponytail with an undercut.

In this haircut, your sides are shaved very short with a hair clipper. Then, your barber gathers all of your hair back and ties your hair up as a ponytail. Finally, he creates braids. Hair ties are using for the ponytail.

viking hairstyles 26

4. Dutch Braid With High Fade

The dutch braid is one of the iconic Viking hairstyles. You can have a modern appearance with this style by using some small touches.

The dutch braid is highly compatible with fade and undercut. The contrast between the sides and top creates a masculine, tough, and stylish look.

viking hairstyles 31

5. Top Knot Undercut With Rugged Beard

You can have an amazing Viking hairstyle with a top knot and undercut combination. Also, if you use a full beard with this combination, you can create a modern hipster look.

You should gather your hair in the back and top for having a top knot. Then, pull your hair through a hair tie and repeat this move until your hair will be tight.

Ask your barber to cut your sides and back short. In this way, your Viking haircut will be more emphasized. If you want to get a warrior look, you can use an untidy and disheveled hair and beard style.

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viking hairstyles 33

6. Short Viking Hairstyle With Rugged Beard

A rugged beard is one of the indispensable accessories of Viking hairstyles. You can look tough and stylish with a masculine beard and a short hairstyle.

The crew cut may a good choice for men who like this Viking style. In this style, almost all of the hair is cut short. But the top is slightly longer than the sides and back.

viking hairstyles 35

7. Cornrows Viking Hairstyle With Undercut

Cornrows are a frequently preferred hairstyle today as in the past. In this hairstyle, the hair is braided in narrow strips from the forehead to the back of the hair. It creates geometric patterns on the scalp.

You can use accessories like hair cuffs or cowry shells to emphasize the hairstyle. Also, cornrows have often preferred by Viking warriors in the past. This style is very suitable for thick hair. In addition, it is a good match with the undercut.

viking hairstyles 36

8. Messy Mohawk With Disconnected Undercut

Mohawk is a very cool Viking hairstyle. When it comes to the mohawk, barbers cut the sides and leave only a strip of hair over the top of the head. This strip may be styled in different ways. The length of hair on the top symbolizes strength and power.

viking hairstyles 37

9. Long Half Bun With Braids

When we look at Viking hairstyles, we see that many different styles and techniques are used together. Long hairstyles such as a ponytail, a different type of braids, and man bun are some of the signature styles used by Vikings. If you have long enough hair, you can consider half-bun. Also, it is possible to have a unique style by adding some braids.

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viking hairstyles 38

10. Short Braided Mohawk With Shaved Hair

viking hairstyles 23

11. Side Swept Undercut With Rugged Beard

viking hairstyles 1

12. Modern Mohawk With Rugged Beard

viking hairstyles 3

13. Wavy Viking Hairstyle With Long Braid

viking hairstyles 4

14. Modern Bald Viking Hairstyle With Short Top

viking hairstyles 5

15. Messy Half Bun With Beard

viking hairstyles 6

16. Slick Back Top Knot With Beard

viking hairstyles 7

17. Long Straight Side Swept With Goatee

viking hairstyles 8

18. Modern Long Braided Ponytail With Beard

viking hairstyles 10

19. Modern Side Swept With Beard

viking hairstyles 11

20. Viking Dreads With Disconnected Undercut

viking hairstyles 12

21. Braided Long Viking Hairstyle With Rugged Beard

viking hairstyles 13

22. Viking Buzz Cut With Drop Fade

viking hairstyles 14

23. Modern Long Asymmetrical Fringe With Tidy Beard

viking hairstyles 16

24. Long Comb Back Hair With Viking Beard

viking hairstyles 17

25. Modern Long Mohawk With Undercut

viking hairstyles 18

26. Modern Long Viking Hairstyle With Beard

viking hairstyles 19

27. Long Slick Back With Disconnected Undercut

viking hairstyles 21

28. Short Braided Ponytail With Undercut

viking hairstyles 22

29. Long Braided Ponytail With Disconnected Undercut

viking hairstyles 29

30. Slicked Back With Beard

viking hairstyles 40

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