The Van Dyke also as known as Van Dyck is a beard style named after the 17th-century famous Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck. We can say that a van dyke beard is a creative and specific beard alternative.

Van dyke beard, which has been very popular among many different communities such as palace guards, aristocrats, and artists throughout history, is now supported by famous men like Johnny Depp, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cornell, Christian Bale, David Beckham.

Because of this vogue, we are sharing everything about growing and styling a van dyke beard below.

What Is The Van Dyke Beard?

All hair on the cheeks and neck is completely shaved in the classic van dyke beard. Besides, a van dyke is created by combining a floating mustache and a goatee or chin beard.

This unique beard style has different variations and alternatives. The most significant feature of a traditional van dyke beard is a curled mustache. A handlebar mustache is the best for an authentic version. You can use other options of this beard style apart from the classic one.

The best way to create your own beard style is by combining a goatee with different mustache options. Generally a natural mustache is the best.

Also, beard length on the cheeks or neck may be different amounts in the modern van dyke beards. It can be customized as long, medium or short depending on your imagination.

van dyke beard 13

How To Grow A Van Dyke Beard?

Growing a van dyke beard requires time and effort dramatically. But the revealed appearance is quite satisfactory. First of all, you need at least 2 cm long beards before shaving. This amount of beard is essential for effective application. Growing out your facial hair for a few weeks will be sufficient.

In addition, you can optionally use beard oil for your beard to look healthy and in good condition.

How To Create A Van Dyke Beard?

We are explaining how to get a van dyke beard below:

Step 1:

Comb all of your beard and mustache straight down.

Step 2:

Trim curved reference lines symmetrically on both sides of your mustache (from your cheek to your neck) with a beard trimmer. After that, connect these lines with a straight line along your neck.

Step 3:

Remove the hair on your neck and cheeks, outside the reference lines you set.

Step 4:

Shave the remaining hair where is under your mustache to break off the connection between your beard and mustache and create neat gaps.

Step 5:

Shape your mustache as you wish, trim the hair on your chin, for a neater effect shave your face except for van dyke part with a shaver.

#Suggestion 1: If you prefer a razor for shaving, It is very important to choose a shaving cream or shaving gel according to your skin type. Thus you can feel a comfortable shave experience.

#Suggestion 2: By using a beard styling product like a wax, you can have a more remarkable and shining beard.

Van Dyke Beard Alternatives

There are several important factors that affect the beard style preference such as face shape, lifestyle, personality. But the best way to discover which beard style is fit for you is to try different options. There are a lot of van dyke variations. You can consider alternatives like anchor beard or balbo beard according to your own sense of fashion.

Modern Floating Van Dyke Beard

This beard style stands out with a curled mustache. Sometimes the handlebar mustache can be preferred alone by keeping the beards at a minimum length.

modern floating van dyke beard 22

modern floating van dyke beard 16 modern floating van dyke beard 10

modern floating van dyke beard 7

Anchor Van Dyke Beard

In the Anchor style, the gap between the beard on the chin and the mustache is more than in a classic style. Also, the beard pile on the chin resembles an anchor.

anchor van dyke beard 18

Credit: braidbarbers

Credit: travbeachboy anchor van dyke beard 24

Credit: marianodivaio anchor van dyke beard 2 anchor van dyke beard 8

Medium Length Van Dyke Beard

The medium-length version of this beard is one of the most preferred modern beard options today. In fact, although it looks like a van dyke, it is a unique beard style. In this style, the beards of the entire face are medium length.

medium length van dyke beard 12 medium length van dyke beard 19

medium length van dyke beard 21

Credit: r.braid

medium length van dyke beard 1

medium length van dyke beard 4 medium length van dyke beard 9

Long Van Dyke Beard

When it comes to a long van dyke, we can mention a messy and wildly look. Also, it can be said that this style is a kind of hipster beard.

long van dyke beard 3 long van dyke beard 5

long van dyke beard 6 long van dyke beard 14
long van dyke beard 17 long van dyke beard 25

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