We are proud to present the undercut which is a legendary hairstyle. This haircut is an iconic style that has left its mark in history and defies time. The popularity of the undercut, which started to rise in the 1910s, reached its peak when we came to the 2010s.

Basically, in this haircut, the hair on the top is left long while the sides and back are shaved very short. It is a catchy and remarkable hairstyle with its contrasting appearance. The most important reason why the undercut is so common among men is that it is suitable for all ages, all face shapes and all hair types.

You can interpret this haircut in different ways as using your creativity. Because it can be used with almost all modern hairstyles.

What Is The Undercut Hairstyle?

The basic principle of an undercut is to create a disconnected look between the top of the head and the sides. The hair length at the top is longer than the sides and back.

After this condition is met, you can choose a hairstyle you like. Hairstyles which are the most frequently combined with the undercut are pompadour, quiff, slicked back, and side part.

When creating an undercut, the key is the long top and the buzzed sides. Barbers create contrast between the two areas of the hair and highlight the hair on top. The sides and back may be closely cropped, faded, or buzzed completely.

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Is An Undercut Is Right For Me?

Before sitting in the barber chair, you may want to consider some elements. In this way, you can decide whether an undercut haircut is right for you. You can also consult your barber about this.

Face Shape

If you have a long face, you should avoid more length. In this case, we can recommend the slick back style with an undercut. Also, short hairstyles may be ideal for you.

This haircut is generally compatible with square and diamond faces. Since it is a rounder, smoother style, it will create a balanced look.

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If you are a man with a rounded face may want to choose different haircuts. However, we are talking about are general principles. this does not mean that undercut will not suitable for you. Since every man’s bone structure and size of the face are different, So you will not know before trying. Guys with round faces should try to add a few inches with a style such as a pompadour or a quiff.

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Hair Type

Luckily, you have endless variations with an undercut. It is suitable for curly, coarse, thick, or thin hair.

Thick hair is better for hairstyles like quiffs and pompadour. If you have curly or very fine hair you should prefer shorter and textured styles. Afro hair reflects itself well to loose curls or braids.

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How To Get An Undercut?

If you are going to get an undercut, we can say that you are free about hair length. There are different alternatives for short, medium length, and long hair.

You can leave a hair length of 2 to 6 inches at the top of your head. Barbers can use a hair clipper, scissors, or both of them to cut your hair on the top. Quiff, a pompadour, slicked back are hairstyles that are often combined with an undercut.

The sides and back are cut much shorter than the top. If you want disconnected undercut, the hair on the sides will be cropped until your scalp will be clearly visible. The important point for a proper undercut is the correct adjustment of the hair length ratio between the top and the sides.

We recommend you to visit your barber every 2 weeks in order to keep your hair form. The undercut is generally a low-maintenance haircut. But of course, this depends on the style you prefer.

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The Best Undercut Hairstyle Alternatives For Men

1. Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked back undercut works best with thick hair. First of all, your hair should be long enough to comb back. After it is styled backward, this hair block is held with a hair styling product. We recommend you use a high-quality hair product for a good look and shine.

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Slicked back undercut is perhaps the most common variation of this style. Many famous male characters such as Furry and Arthur Shelby in TV series or movies will be remembered with their undercut style.

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2. Disconnected Undercut

When it comes to the disconnected undercut, there is a high contrast between buzzed sides and hair on top. In this haircut, the sides are thoroughly shaved with a shaver or a hair clipper (zero guard). It reflects a masculine and bold look.

When applying this hairstyle, the top and sides are completely disconnected. There is a sharp transition between the two areas. Due to the sides and back is cut extremely short, the style on the top looks more emphasized. This haircut is also versatile. You can style hair on top in many ways.

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3. Undercut With Quiff

If we say the quiff is the most demanded hairstyle among gentlemen, we would not be exaggerated. When the quiff combined with another perfect haircut, the undercut, a wonderful duo appears.

You may need a hairdryer to style. Besides, we recommend you to use a pomade for a slicker finish or a molding cream for a more natural look.

If you have very thin or fine hair, you may want to avoid the quiff. Because this hairstyle features a voluminous and bulky look. You may not get a successful result with fine hair. Finally, having a strong hairline is critical as the forehead will be clearly visible.

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4. Short Undercut

If you are looking for a fresh, clean, and tidy hairstyle, the short undercut is the best for you. It is a very useful and comfy style in hot summer.

There isn’t much difference between the sides and the top in terms of hair length. This undercut variation can be gathered with modern hairstyles such as short fringe, crew cut, caesar cut, french crop, ivy league.

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The advantages of this haircut are endless. It can be managed easily. It does not require much maintenance. When you get up in the morning, it is enough to take five minutes to style. Long story short, this style is one of the best choices among all short men’s hairstyles.

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5. Wavy & Curly Undercut

The undercut also works well with wavy and curly hair. In fact, it is easier to create cool and sexy styles, as the hair on top will be more highlighted. Maintenance is a little bit difficult compares with other variations. But it is worth the effort for the look you get. If you are a man with gorgeous curls or ocean waves on your head, we strongly recommend you to try this hairstyle.

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6. Afro Undercut

Afro hair has a naturally frizzy nature. Because of this, if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle, it is beneficial to consider short haircuts.

Afro undercut may be a good choice for you. İt is suitable for kinky and coarse hair. Tell your barber that you want a fairly short cut for the sides. A little hair length is enough for the top. Of course, if you have time to style or hair care, you can also consider longer afro hairstyles.

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7. Textured Undercut

The textured crop is a stylish and modern haircut. When this hairstyle is used together with an undercut or fade, it looks amazing. After your barber shaves the sides and back of your head, he cuts your hair layered using scissors. In this way, textures are created.

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8. Undercut With Fringe

Fringe is a popular style that many men love. If you like this style, you can change dramatically your appearance by adding a new element. We are talking about an undercut. It perfectly matches with fringe. In addition, the fringe also hides your receding hairline.

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