Slicked back hairstyles are one of the trendy hairstyles among men. Thanks to their sexy and alluring look, gents feel more handsome and good-looking. Also, slicked back hair is timeless and versatile. If you prefer this style, you will have unlimited hairstyle options. The most popular version of this style is slicked back undercut.

Slicked back hairstyle is an important member of the hair world from the past to the future. They are always fashionable and stylish. Besides this style is suitable for professional and daily use. Although it looks better with voluminous and strong hair, slicked back style can also be tried by men with fine hair. In addition, it can be used with straight, wavy, or curly hair types. However, If you have extremely curly or wavy hair, you may be having some trouble in the styling phase.

What Is The Slick Back Hairstyle?

In their most traditional form, slicked back hairstyle is a style created by combing hair back and holding. Barbers may use some strong hold products for a tidy and neat hairstyle. Also, you can have a slick finish with these hair styling products.

Sufficient hair length is the key. Whichever version of this style you choose, your hair should be long enough for perfect slicked-back hair. Depending on your preference, your hairstyle can be long, short, or medium length.

In modern variations, cutting techniques such as fade and undercut are often preferred for the sides and back. In addition, you can combine your slicked hairstyle with other stylish hairstyles such as quiff and the side part.

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How To Style Slicked Back Hairstyles?

When it comes to slicked-back hairstyles, it will be helpful to moisturize your hair slightly before you start styling. In this way, you can easily separate your hair from each other and prevent it from locking.

Firstly, comb your hair back thoroughly with a comb or brush. Once you get the look you want, you need to use a hold product to keep the shape of your hair. You can prefer a pomade, gel, wax, or clay for this process. Styling products will also make your hair look slick and shiny. You can choose a hair product for your hairstyle according to the degree of shine and slickness you want. It would be best to consult your hairdresser about which product to choose.

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The Best Slicked Back Hair Gallery

Here are the best slicked back hairstyles:

1. Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle

The classic slicked-back hairstyle is the father of all modern slick hair variations. Despite being a simple hairstyle, it has a stylish and charismatic look. There is no noticeable difference in hair length between top and sides in this style. The hair looks quite slick and shiny. Therefore this hairstyle is catchy and assertive.

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2. Slicked Back Undercut

We can say that slicked back undercut is definitely the most popular version of slicked back hairstyle. It is among the irresistible styles for men who follow hair fashion. Preferred by hairstyle doyens such as Brad Pitt and David Beckham, the slicked back undercut can be the perfect choice for men looking for a modern and stylish hairstyle. In this style, the sides and back are cut short. Thus a contrast is created between the top and the sides. The hair on the top is combed back.

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3. Slicked Back Quiff

Slicked back quiff is an amazing combination of two different impressive hairstyles. In this style, the hair is combed back and upward. You can choose undercut, fade or taper on the sides. The slicked-back quiff is typically suitable with medium-length hair. You may need to spend some time in front of the mirror for maintenance and styling.

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4. Slicked Back Hair With Skin Fade

Slicked hair is compatible with many types of fades. Low fade, mid fade, high fade, skin fade, and more. You are completely free to prefer your fade style. It’s enough to ask your barber for slicked back fade Your barber will shave your sides gradually and blend your hair.

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5. Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

You have to make sure you have your hair long enough for a long slicked back hairstyle. It is one of the most difficult slicked-back versions to maintain and manage. But, this style is pretty flashy. People won’t be able to take their eyes off your hair.

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6. Modern Slicked Back Hair With Mid Fade

Fade haircuts fashion has taken an incredible rise in recent years. Because of this, we see fade alternatives together with almost all modern hairstyles. Slicked back hairstyle is one of them. It matches perfectly with fade haircuts. When it comes to slicked back with fade, sides and back is cropped with a hair clipper. The hair at the top of the head is combed back with a comb and applied a strong hold hair product.

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7. Short Slicked Back Hairstyle

The short slicked back hairstyle isn’t really a short hairstyle. It requires a few inches of hair at the top. This hairstyle includes cropped sides and a small hair mound. This mound is styled by combing back. Besides, short slicked back is very suitable for professional use. It has a serious and authoritative appearance.

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8. Wavy Slicked Back Hairstyle

Wavy slicked back hair is a little bit challenge. Because of its stubborn nature, wavy hair is difficult to comb back. However, if you manage to style it, you can have an impressive and cool hairstyle.

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