The side part haircut is one of the sleek, versatile, and bold styles that dominate hair fashion. Also, side-parted hair is very suitable for business and office use due to its authoritative and serious appearance.

Side part hairstyles offer a wide range of options for gentlemen with their modern and classic variations. Besides, ease of maintenance and styling are other positive aspects of this style.

If you are a man who wants a fashionable and sexy haircut, be sure to take a look at our best side part haircuts gallery that we have gathered for you.

What Is The Side Part Haircut?

The side part haircut is also known as businessman cut and professional cut. As the name suggests, they are hairstyles in which the sides and top of the hair are divided into two parts. Also, the line between the two parts may or may not be distinct. The side part is also generally very similar to the comb-over style.

When it comes to a side part haircut, sides and back may be short or medium length. However, it looks neat and clean in any case. If you for a modern look, you can consider fade or taper on the sides and back. This haircut can be combined with stylish hairstyles such as quiff, spiky, fringe, and pompadour.

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How Can I Get A Side Part Haircut?

Your barber sprays your hair until it got wet. Then, the top of the hair is separated from the crown through to the front of the head along the part lines by using a comb. After that, the barber removes the length from the top section of the hair by using the straight cutting technique with scissors. The same process is applied to the sides and back of the hair. It can be used point cut technique at the top section of hair for creating texture. Also, your barber may brush the top section together with a blow dryer for extra volume. In addition, if you want to emphasize the side part haircut a little more, the hairline separating the hair into two different sections can be made more clear.

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The top can be styled in different ways depending on the preferred haircut. When it comes to a traditional side part, the hair at the top is usually brushed to the side with a comb. Also, you can prefer some hair styling products such as pomade, clay, and paste for styling. Your barber scoops a generous amount of hair styling product and applies your hair. Styling gives your hair a loose and textured look. Lastly, if you like a retro style, you can use proper hair products for a shiny and slick finish.

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The Best Side Part Hairstyles Gallery

Classic Side Part Haircut

Classic side part haircut is very suitable for professional business life. It has an authoritative, confident and serious appearance. Also, a classic side part matches with a stylish suit and looks amazing in official events. Besides, if you want, you can prefer this hairstyle for daily use. In this style, the top and one side are separated by a hairline. The hair at the top is a little bit longer than the side. However, there is no big difference in hair length between the two sections.

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Modern Side Part Haircut

Modern side part haircut is an extremely stylish style that emerged with a reinterpretation of a classic hairstyle. In this haircut, the sides and back are gradually cropped from top to bottom. There are smooth transitions between different hair lengths on the sides. The hair is divided into two different parts. If you want, the hairline between the two sections may be emphasized with a razor. Also, you can add extra volume to your hair at the top with some hair styling products.

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Short Side Part Haircut

If you are a man who likes short hairstyles, the short side part may be perfect for you. This haircut looks neat and clean. In addition, it is a low-maintenance style. We recommend you use a few styling products for slickness and shine. Thus your hair will be more catchy and attractive.

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Long Side Part Haircut

The long side part haircut is the most remarkable member of the side part family. You need to have sufficient hair length for getting this hairstyle. Thanks to its impressive and magnificent appearance, it attracts all the attention. The long side part may be combined with different styles such as quiff, side-swept, fringe.

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Wavy Side Part Haircut

If you are a man with wavy hair, you can try the wavy side part which is a cool and sexy style. This hairstyle works best with thick hair types. For a strong and voluminous look, you need always to keep your hair in good condition. So, when it comes to the wavy side part, maintenance is one of the most important aspects.

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Curly Side Part Haircut

It is possible to create great results by applying a side part cut to curly hair. But, to be honest, maintenance and styling are a bit tricky with curly hair types. However, if you show enough dedication, it is not difficult to get a stylish and trendy curly side-parted hairstyle. Separate your hair from the crown through the front. Then you can style the curls at the top of your head according to your style. Use your creativity.

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Side Part With Quiff

The quiff is one of the most fashionable hairstyles of all time. It can also combine with many hairstyles. When a quiff and side part come together, they will be the perfect duo. Whatever cutting technique you prefer for the sides, If you choose quiff for the hair at the top of your head, it will definitely fit.

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Side Part With Pompadour

Mixing pompadour, an iconic hairstyle, and the side part might sound crazy. However, you will be quite surprised by the excellent result. If you want, you can add some movement to your hair by applying the hard part cutting technique.

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Side Part With Fringe

You can create one of the trendy hairstyles by combining the side part and an asymmetrical fringe. The side part with fringe is more suitable for casual use.

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Side Part With Faux Hawk

The combination of the side part, faux hawk, and fade is ideal for men looking for a stylish and unique haircut. Also, this hairstyle is especially popular with young gents. We recommend that you use this style without growing a beard.

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