The regular haircut is a style in which the sides and back of the hair are cut shorter than the top and the top of the head is left long enough to comb and style. Regular haircuts are also as known as regular taper cut, standard haircut, professional haircut, business-man cut, short back, and sides.

Side part and comb-over are common styles among regular haircuts. At the same time, it is possible to find messy, wavy or curly examples for standard haircuts. Crew cut, ivy league haircut and buzz cut styles can also be considered options of this style.

Besides, the sides of the hair taper gradually from top to bottom in the regular haircuts. Sides and back may be short, semi-short, medium-length or long. Although the sides of the hair are shortened gradually, there is not a high contrast and disconnected appearance like an undercut or fade between different hair lengths.

Regular haircuts are clean, classy, charming. They are also extremely suitable for formal events and the business world. Also with their neat and well-groomed appearance, they always impress women.

Regular Haircuts For Men: Exclusive Gallery

The regular haircut can be considered boring and monotonous. But we strongly disagree with this idea. Take a look at the haircuts of famous men. They have a power that can have everything they want. Many of these guys prefer these haircuts. Think about that. Because it is sexy, clean and stylish.

Also, it manages and maintains easily. After waking up, you are ready for the day with a few small touches.

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We are sharing all exclusive regular haircuts in this gallery. We are sure that you will find a model that suits your sense of style.

Messy Textured Crop

The textured crop is a versatile haircut suitable for any environment. Also this cut is applied with scissors. It reflects a masculine and free look.

exclusive regular haircut 17

Classic Side Part With Hard Part

The side part is a very very classic and timeless hairstyle. In addition, it is among the professional haircuts that are frequently preferred by businessmen. It is clean, fresh and neat.

exclusive regular haircut 16

Wavy Layered Regular Haircut

This sexy and disheveled style is appropriate for thick hair. Besides, It can look very stylish along with the stubble beard.

exclusive regular haircut 15

Regular Medium Length Comb Over

Comb over is one of the iconic classic hairstyles. It creates a more beautiful look with wavy hair. It can be easily styled with hair styling products such as wax and pomade.

exclusive regular haircut 14

Classic Messy Mid Quiff

The quiff is one of the most preferred hairstyles for men who care about their appearance. There are classic or modern variations of this hairstyle. It provides a good appearance together with the suit.

exclusive regular haircut 13

Wavy Comb Back Regular Haircut

Comb back is a classic hairstyle. It usually has a wet and shiny look. Also, it may be preferred with wavy and curly hair.

exclusive regular haircut 12

Classic Side Part Taper With Beard

The distinct line separates the hair into two parts in the side part style. The sides of the hair are shortened with a taper cut. If you desire, It can be combined with a slight low fade.

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exclusive regular haircut 18

Regular Comb Back Undercut

The regular undercut is not a disconnected haircut as in modern alternatives. The sides of the hair are short compared to the tops. But it was cut in a classic way. The top of the hair is long and combed back.

exclusive regular haircut 11

Wildly Wavy Regular Haircut

If you like messy and untidy hairstyles, this wavy hairstyle is just for you. It is enough to go to the barber at certain periods and trim your hair.

exclusive regular haircut 10

Classic Ivy League Haircut

Ivy league is one of the most popular regular haircuts. Besides it is a hairstyle identified with powerful and wealthy men from a lot of different communities.

exclusive regular haircut 9

Textured Spiky Haircut

This hairstyle is a perfect option for men who has an independent spirit. Styling this hairstyle can be a bit troublesome. But the results you will get are worth this effort.

exclusive regular haircut 8

Wavy Ivy League Haircut With Beard

exclusive regular haircut 7

Regular Short Fringe Hairstyle

exclusive regular haircut 6

Regular Crew Cut

The top of the hair is slightly longer than the sides in the crew cut style. You can also choose different haircut styles for the top of the hair. This is a clean and well-groomed short haircut.

exclusive regular haircut 5

Wavy Medium Regular Haircut

exclusive regular haircut 4

Short Textured Quiff Low Fade

exclusive regular haircut 3

Wavy Messy Medium-Long Haircut

Medium-long hairstyles are always trendy. Also if you have long hair, it is possible to get a charismatic hairstyle. Long hair is usually hard to style and maintain. But if you take the necessary time, this will be reflected in your appearance.

exclusive regular haircut 2

Short Ivy League With Side Part
exclusive regular haircut 1

American Crew

Modern Wavy Messy Haircut With Beard

exclusive regular haircut 32

Classic Side Swept Regular Haircut

exclusive regular haircut 31

Classic Ivy League Undercut

exclusive regular haircut 30Buzz Cut Regular Haircut

Buzzcut is simple but fashionable. The entire hair is shaved very short in this hairstyle.
exclusive regular haircut 29

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Classic Medium Quiff With Beard

exclusive regular haircut 28

Short Spiky Regular Haircut

exclusive regular haircut 27

Ivy League With Taper

exclusive regular haircut 26

Modern Slick Back Undercut

exclusive regular haircut 25

Comb Over Quiff With Low Fade

exclusive regular haircut 24

Wavy Side Swept Regular Haircut

exclusive regular haircut 23

Polished Comb Over Regular Haircut

exclusive regular haircut 22

Modern Wavy Ivy League With Beard

exclusive regular haircut 21

Modern Comb Over Undercut With Beard

exclusive regular haircut 20

Wavy Modern Regular Haircut With Taper

exclusive regular haircut 19


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