The successful BBC series Peaky Blinders, starring famous stars like Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, and Tom Hardy, has locked the audience on the screen with its realistic atmosphere, vintage clothes and iconic Peaky Blinders Haircuts from the first day it appeared on the screens.

It was a surprise for everyone that the series about a gangster family reigned in 1919 Birmingham, England after the First World War brought the haircuts that reflect the spirit of that time back into fashion. Today most of the men create tails in front of the barbershops to have a stylish Peaky Blinders Haircut.

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 8

So we collect the most popular Peaky Blinders Haircuts from series one to five and share with you everything you need about these cool haircuts in the following parts.

What is Peaky Blinders Haircut?

In general, we see different variations of undercut haircuts and fade cut in many characters of Peaky Blinders. Namely, the common feature of these characters is that they all have sharp shaved backs and sides. Besides, styles of the top of the hair differ from each other. We see hairstyles like slicked back, textured crop, quiff, side part, french crop, fringe in some of the leading actors of the series.

Briefly, we can say short sides long top haircuts for these haircuts.

Here are Peaky Blinders Haircuts:

Thomas Shelby: Textured Crop Undercut With Asymmetrical Fringe

Arthur Shelby: Slicked Back Disconnected Undercut

John Shelby: Short Textured Crop Undercut or Short Slicked Back Undercut

Michael Gray: Classic Side Part Haircut

Alfie Solomons: Classic Ivy League Haircut With Lumberjack Beard Style

Thomas Shelby Peaky Blinders Haircut (Cillian Murphy)

The gang boss Tom Shelby (Cillian Murphy) has basically textured crop with trimmed sides and back. In this disconnected undercut style, the sides of the hair are of equal length and shaved extremely short. We see that sides and back are cropped right down to the skin level in the latest season of Peaky Blinders. Therefore we can say that textured crop and high fade combined in this stage.

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thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 6

There is a high contrast between the top and sides of the head in this appearance. In this respect, we can say that Thomas Shelby’s Peaky Blinders Haircut is a style that needs the courage to try.

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 5

At the beginning of the series, we saw that Tom Selby’s layered hair and natural waves were accompanied by a fringe style in front parts of the head. Also, one of the points we want to draw attention is that the sides of the hair are longer in the first seasons compared to the latest season.

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 13

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 28

How to ask the barber for Tom Shelby Haircut?

First of all, you must be sure that your barber used a clipper that set to a number one or two for the back and sides. In the second step, a sufficient amount of length should be left for the top of the hair. In this way, you will achieve the contrast between the different shades of the hair.

Now it’s time to shape the top of the hair. Ask for a “textured crop” but indicate you would like to have the fringe sweeping to the right or left. Your barber will use scissors for the layered look on the hair.

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 19

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 16

thomas shelby peaky blinders haircut 21

Arthur Shelby Peaky Blinders Haircut (Paul Anderson)

Thomas Shelby’s brother Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), who we are accustomed to seeing with a cult hairstyle like slicked back undercut during four seasons, made a surprise to the audience with his short haircut in the latest season.

When this short textured hair combined with the skin fade style seems to have created an extremely beautiful combination.

arthur shelby peaky blinders haircut 1 arthur shelby peaky blinders haircut 10

With the skin fade application, the scalp appears clearly on the sides and back of the hair. Also thanks to skin fade, Paul Anderson has been a clean and fresh look. At the same time, he looks younger in this way.

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arthur shelby peaky blinders haircut 31

However, Arthur Shelby uses a disconnected haircut that identifies with his wild character in almost the entire Peaky Blinders chapters. The sides and back are completely shaved in this undercut style. The top has long hair length compare with the sides and is combed back.

arthur shelby peaky blinders haircut 14

Arthur Shelby wears a mustache together with his slicked back undercut style. This overall look is an extremely harsh and masculine appearance. So it became very popular among men after the Peaky Blinders.

arthur shelby peaky blinders haircut 9

How to ask the barber for Arthur Shelby Haircut?

In fact, when describing this haircut to your barber, you just need to say slicked back undercut. Because this hairstyle is very common. But if we have to explain in detail your barber can use a clipper with number one guard for shaved the back and sides. Also, he has to keep plenty of length on top in order to slick back.

As a result, it is possible to have a charismatic Peaky Blinders Haircut with Arthur’s hairstyle.

arthur shelby peaky blinders haircut 32

John Shelby Peaky Blinders Haircut (Joe Cole)

In the Peaky Blinders Series, John Shelby (Joe Cole) also known as John-Boy is a handsome, combative, quarrelsome and rebellious member of the Shelby family.

It is possible to say that it is versatile and variable for John Shelby’s haircut. In general, it is a disconnected undercut in which the sides and back are shaved right down to the scalp.

john shelby peaky blinders haircut 21

In addition, John Shelby’s haircut seems to have been affected by both Arthur and Thomas’s hair. While he sometimes uses the short version of Arthur’s slicked-back hairstyle, he sometimes stands out with a short crop haircut.

john shelby peaky blinders haircut 40

How to ask the barber for John Shelby Haircut?

The sides and back of the hair are shaved very short (number zero or one) until the scalp is highly visible. After enough length is left on the upper part of the hair, the top of the hair cut with short crop haircut technique.

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Because of John’s haircut is shorter, it requires much less styling and maintenance.

john shelby peaky blinders haircut 41

Michael Gray Peaky Blinders Haircut (Finn Cole)

Michael Gray (Finn Cole) is the cousin of the Shelby brothers. His haircut is perhaps one of the most classic and natural hairstyles among Peaky Blinders Haircuts. He has a side parting hairstyle. Also, the hair is gradually tapered from top to bottom.

michael gray peaky blinders haircut 17

Micheal Gray’s neat and polished side part hairstyle reflects a professional look with suits.

michael gray peaky blinders haircut 12

How to ask the barber for Michael Gray Haircut?

This haircut can be described as a traditional side part haircut. Distinctly than haircuts we mentioned before, in this hairstyle, the sides of the hair are shortened (taper cut technique) from top to bottom with a scissor.

If you want your barber to apply the parting line with a razor, this will give you convenience while styling.

michael gray peaky blinders haircut 37

Alfie Solomons Peaky Blinders Haircut (Tom Hardy)

Alfie Solomons seems to have skyrocketed from primitive tribes with his ragged and sloppy look. But it isn’t that difficult to achieve a modern and masculine appearance with a few small touches and grooming.

alfie solomons peaky blinders haircut 35

In Peaky Blinders, Tom Hardy stands out with his beard rather than his hair. He has a long lumberjack-style beard. We can simply call his hair a classic ivy league hairstyle. Of course a messy and unruly version of ivy league. Shorty, with this combination of hair and beard, a popular image can be created. It is only necessary to follow the correct styling and care recommendations.

alfie solomons peaky blinders haircut 33

How to ask the barber for Alfie Solomons Haircut?

Both short ivy league and long lumberjack beard may be an amazing style with their well-groomed and neatly trimmed edges.

Just pronounce the name of these two styles and leave the rest to your barber.

alfie solomons peaky blinders haircut 34

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