We strongly desire that long hairstyles for men regain their lost reputation. Therefore, we decided to write a detailed article about the man bun, which is an extremely chic and gorgeous long hairstyle type.

In fact, although it became popular again thanks to famous men like David Beckham, Kit Harington, our subjective idea is still not getting the value it deserves.

In this article, you will have useful information on how to grow your hair, how to get a man bun and how to maintain your hair. Also, our man bun gallery will inspire you with many different alternatives.

What Is The Man Bun?

The man bun is actually one of the long hairstyles for men. It is a style created by gathering the hair in different ways in the crown area. There are different variations such as the top knot, half bun, full bun and afro bun. Besides, a ponytail isn’t a man bun type. Also contemporary versions of the man bun are also called bro bun, hipster bun.

Man bun combines with an undercut. Many long-haired men use their hair in this way. You can also have a neat and tidy hairstyle suitable for the summer. In this style, while the sides and back of the hair are shaved quite short, the hair at the top of the head is tied back and a bun is obtained. The more the hair length difference between the two hair areas, the more disconnected and contrasted appearance is revealed.


Does A Man Bun Suitable For You?

Face Shape:

If you have a rounded or oval face with a less defined bone structure. the topknot or full bun may more suitable for you. Thus your face will look longer and characteristic.

Also, low bun is more compatible with face shapes with edges such as a heart or diamond. Masculine features of your face become more prominent in this way.

Hair Type

Your hair type is very important for styling and managing your man bun.

When really thick hair grows, they become very difficult to manage. You also have to waste more effort than usual for styling this type of hair.

Besides that, if you have very thin or fine hair. You must avoid getting a man bun. Because your receding hairlines may be more visible with the hair pulled back. Also when it comes to thin or fine hair type, long hair gets harm faster and looks lifeless.

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Hair follicles, which are somewhere in the middle of the thickness scale, are ideal for the man bun hairstyle. Otherwise, you are in trouble with unruly or damaged long hair.

How To Grow Out Your Hair?

First of all, you need to have sufficient hair length for the man bun hairstyle. The hair growing out phase is generally a nightmare for men. Because you have to overcome many obstacles until your hair reaches the desired length. But it is possible to have healthy long hair by making the right moves.

If you are at the hair growth stage, the first and most important thing you need to do is to visit your barber in regular periods to trim your hair. In this way, you can reach your desired hair length more quickly. You will also prevent hair damaged during growth.

If you don’t trim your hair regularly, this action will cause split ends. After this condition that frays and weakens your hair, it will be very difficult to achieve good results with your long hair.

Secondly, you have to prefer natural hair products. you will need two basic hair products to maintain your hair. These are quality shampoo and hair conditioner. The shampoo will nourish your hair, while the conditioner will help keep it moist.

man bun 16-1

Here are quick tips for hair growth:

  1. Eath healthy (Protein, Biotin, Vitamin C, etc.)
  2. Do exercise (fully operational blood circulation)
  3. Sleep well (About 7-8 hours of sleep every night is ideal)
  4. Use right hair products like a shampoo and hair conditioners (2 to 3 times a week)
  5. Avoid heat ( like a very hot shower, blow dryer)
  6. Visit your barber (regularly)
  7. Do not brush wet hair

How To Style and Maintain?

If you completed the hair growth phase, we want to congratulate you. You have passed the first exam. We will describe how to get a perfect man bun.

But before explaining how to style your hair, we have a recommendation for you. We strongly recommend men who choose the man bun hairstyle to use this style with a beard. In this way, you can have a more masculine and sexy look.

man bun 8

How to style a man bun:

At the first stage, decide at which level you want to use the bun and brush your hair back towards that reference point. Then hold hair you brushed with your free hand. Continue this process until you have grasped all the hair around your head.

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After that,  you need an elastic hair band. Pull hair you held and pass twice through the hair band for a classic man bun. Third time pull your hair out halfway through. That’s it.

If you want a top knot, pull back your hair and twist it around with your finger. Then wrap it around to get a small bun. Finally, fix it with a hair band.

For a full bun, gather all of your hair up high at the top of your head. Then start twisting it around in the same direction until there is no hair to wrap around. Secure the twist with a hair tie.

For a messy bun, twist all the hair(gathered on the top of head) as a unit until it is a compact bun-like pile and wrap the hair tie around twice. You can tuck flay away hair in or leave it out. You can leave out some hair for a more casual messy style.

man bun 2

How to maintain a man bun:

Long hair requires extra haircare compared to other hair lengths. For this reason, you will need regular maintenance and some hair products for securing your long hair form and hair health.

When it comes to long hair, you have to deal with 3 hair problems:

  1. Dry ends
  2. Stubborn knots
  3. Fly-away hairs

In order to overcome these problems, it would be beneficial to have a hair repair product as well as the haircare you apply as a standard. It is best to get advice from your barber when choosing the product to buy.

Besides, when applying a man bun, it is a good idea to use a quality clay or pomade to prevent your hair from damage. Also it makes easier holding.

Finally, you should visit your barber periodically to trim your hair. In this way, your sideburns and nape will remain neat and tidy. In addition, your barber can guide you about your hair health.

man bun 24

Here are a bunch of useful tips to maintain your hair:

  1. Use a natural shampoo
  2. Don’t shampoo every day
  3. Use natural styling products
  4. Be gentle with your hair
  5. Massage your scalp
  6. Use oils for extra moisture

Stylish Man Bun Gallery For Inspiration

We are pleased to present our sexy and stylish man bun hairstyles gallery that we have prepared for you below. Enjoy many different options that you can have without going to a barber. We truly believe you can find a bun style that matches your own style.

1. Classic Man Bun

The classic man bun is a great long hairstyle that you can apply on your own. It is simple but also very stylish. In classic style, hair is gathered right in the middle of the back of the head and a bun is created. shoulder length hair is sufficient for this style. It can be longer if you want.

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Although modern buns attract more attention today, this classic style will always exist with its chic, professional and authoritative look. All you need is just a simple hair tie.

classic man bun 7

classic man bun 3

classic man bun 9

2. Modern Man Bun

Today, man bun alternatives which are preferred by many men look more modern and stylish appearance with different tying techniques. For more relaxed and daily use, you can create more free hair piles with your hair and make a bun.

modern man bun 15

modern man bun 19 modern man bun 23
modern man bun 30

3. Full Bun

It is a style of bun that all the hair is gathered on the top of the head into a bun. The full bun is often is messy or loose. This bun form is also known as hipster bun and is one of the most common long hairstyles in recent times. Besides, it would not be wrong to say that it is very compatible with the beard.

top knot 101

top knot 103 top knot 104

top knot 102

4. Top Knot

The top knot is created by tying the top hair into a small bun. it is positioned in a high placement behind the head. Also, side hair can be clipped or shaved. We can say that this man bun version is mostly used together with undercut haircut in contemporary alternatives.

This style requires less hair. You can have a man bun hairstyle thanks to the top knot even if your hair is not too long. This is one of the biggest advantages of the top knot.

In addition, it’s versatile. If you want, get a serious and sharp look by gathering your hair tightly. If you want, use it in a messy or loose way.

top knot 100

modern man bun 28

top-knot 110

5. Half-Bun

The half-bun is the newest member of the man bun family. In this style, half of the hair is tied back into a bun while the other half is left out.

You can create individual styles by choosing different bun alternatives and variations with a half-bun. If you are a man who has long or medium length locks, half-bun may be fit for you.

To have a half bun, part your hair in half horizontally and use only the top part for creating the bun.

half bun 100 half bun 101

half bun 102 half bun 103
half bun 104 half bun 105
half bun 106

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