We are excited to present the best male hairstyles in the hair fashion world. In our gallery, you will find many great male haircuts, from classic hairstyles to modern interpretations.

A hairstyle is one of the most important aspects for men who care about their appearance. Because a good looking hair leaves a good impression on other people. Therefore, you should a suitable male hairstyle with your face shape, hair type, and character.

There are very stylish male haircuts for any hair length regardless of whether you have short, medium, or long hair. As long as you choose the hairstyle that will reflect your image in the best way, you can look perfect.

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The Best Male Hairstyles and Haircuts Gallery

We have tried to gather the best male hairstyles to inspire you in this gallery. There are different hairstyle options for every hair type such as straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, and kinky hair. Once you have decided which male haircut to choose, all you need to do is find a professional barber or hairdresser. Here are awesome male haircuts for you.

Short Male Haircuts

If you want to get a clean and neat haircut, short male haircuts are ideal for you. Short hairstyles are low-maintenance. Also, short hair can be easily styled. Short haircuts are never boring and monotonous. Today, Professional hairstylists are creating great short men’s hairstyles. Thus, we can see new short male hairstyles in modern barbershops. There are lots of short hairstyles for men in our gallery. Some of these are Crew Cut, French Crop, Edgar Haircut, Short Quiff, Ivy League, and High and Tight Haircuts.

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French Crop With Razor Line

male haircuts 25

Classic Crew Cut

male haircuts 1

High and Tight Haircut

male haircuts 10

Edgar Haircut

male hairstyles 104

Crew Cut With Fade

male haircuts 4

Short Male Haircut With Fade

male haircuts 5

Short Quiff

male hairstyles 23

Short Ivy League Haircut

male hairstyles 24

Wavy Short Haircut With Fade

male hairstyles 103

Classic Short Male Hairstyle

male haircuts 7

Short Top Fade Haircut

male haircuts 9

Modern French Crop With High Fade

male hairstyles 101

Messy Short Male Haircut

male haircuts 14

Short Quiff With Undercut

male haircuts 26

Short Slicked Back Hairstyle

male hairstyles 35

Short Sponge Twists Hairstyle

male haircuts 6

Short Spiky Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 9

Short Wavy Hairstyle

male hairstyles 21

Short Combover Hairstyle

male hairstyles 39

Medium Length Male Hairstyles

Medium length is the most preferred hair length among men. Therefore, we have rounded up trendy and stylish medium-length male hairstyles in this section. When it comes to medium-length hair, there are unlimited styling options for your hair. You can have an amazing hairstyle with a few hair styling products. While some men’s hairstyles are styled with a comb and blow dryer at home, you may need to visit your barber for some of them. You can find magnificent medium-length hairstyles for men such as Quiff, Side Part, Spiky, Undercut, Fade, Fringe below.

Comb Over Undercut

male hairstyles 41

Spiky Male Haircut With Mid Fade

male haircuts 18

Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle

male hairstyles 34

Textured Crop With High Fade

male hairstyles 105

Layered Wavy Undercut

male haircuts 2

High Top Fade

male haircuts 8

Medium-Long Fringe

male hairstyles 100

Medium Ivy League Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 30

Textured Quiff With Skin Fade

male hairstyles 102

Unique Medium Quiff With Beard

male hairstyles 29

Side Part With Mid Fade

male haircuts 12

Modern Comb Over With Beard

male hairstyles 25

Comb Back Undercut

male hairstyles 20

Voluminous Spiky Hairstyles

male hairstyles 17

Classic Ivy League Hairstyle With Beard
male hairstyles 16

Medium Classic Messy Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 15

Medium Caesar Cut Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 14

Medium Slicked Back Undercut With Beard

male hairstyles 31

Wild Spiky Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

male hairstyles 12

Messy Slicked Wavy Hairstyle male hairstyles 10

Slicked Back Tapered Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 8

Classic Medium Quiff

male hairstyles 7

Classic Spiky Undercut

male hairstyles 32

Textured Ivy League Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 6

Classic Spiky Mid Quiff

male hairstyles 3

Slicked Textured Male Haircut

male hairstyles 1

Modern Comb Back With Short Sides

male haircuts 28

Modern Textured Quiff With Disconnected Undercut

male haircuts 27

Unique Wavy Medium Male Hairstyle

male haircuts 24

Modern Curly Medium Male Hairstyle

male haircuts 23

Modern Pompadour

male haircuts 22

Wavy Long Top Short Sides Haircut With Beard

male haircuts 20

Modern Messy Comb Back Undercut

male haircuts 17

Modern Cropped Undercut With Beard

male haircuts 16

Modern Layered Male Hairstyle With Short Sides

male haircuts 15

Classic Slicked Side Part With Quiff

male haircuts 13

Dishevelled Wavy Undercut

male haircuts 11

Modern Tapered Wavy Male Haircut

male haircuts 3

Long Male Hairstyles

Long hair requires intensive hair care. This means that you have to make a significant effort to manage and maintain long male hairstyles. If you are ready for a little bit of challenge, we are sharing trendy long men’s hairstyles for gents. Even if the hair extension phase is a nightmare, you will enjoy the wonderful hairstyle you will have when your hair is long enough.

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Side Swept With Beard

male hairstyles 42

Medium-Long Wavy Long Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 38

Long Comb Back Undercut

male hairstyles 37

Long Quiff

male hairstyles 36

Shoulder Length Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 27

Long Comb Over Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 40

Modern Long Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 28

Long Wild Male Hairstyle With Beard

male hairstyles 26

Medium-Long Side Parted Hairstyle

male hairstyles 19

Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyle

male hairstyles 13

Long Spiky Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 4

Long Messy Fringe

male hairstyles 5

Voluminous Long Hairstyle With Fade

male haircuts 19

Side Swept Undercut

male haircuts 21

Long Curly Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 22

Slicked Long Wavy Male Hairstyle

male hairstyles 18

Which Male Hairstyles Are Suitable For Me?

This is a very relative question. Before deciding on a suitable male haircut for your look, there are many factors you should consider. These are your face shape, your hair type, your facial bone structure, your personal features. This gallery has many cool and attractive men’s hairstyles for inspiration. But read on to learn how to decide which alternative is better for you.

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Here are important tips for a good hairstyle:

  1. You should prefer a hairstyle according to your face shape. For instance, if you have a long face, you should avoid a very voluminous hairstyle. The extra height will make your face appear longer than it actually is. You can consult your barber to find out which hairstyles are suitable for your face shape.
  2. Analyze your hair type, If you have thick hair, you are very lucky. Because thick hair usually works best with almost every male hairstyle. However, you are a man with thin or fine hair, don’t go for a hairstyle that needs volume and dense hair.
  3. What kind of character you have is important for your hairstyle choice. For example, If you are a serious-looking man, a more classic hairstyle like a side part, comb over, slick back might be right for you. Quiff, spiky, textured crop gibi male haircuts may be identified with more energetic characters.
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