The French Crop is an iconic, timeless, and elegant short haircut. Due to it is a clean and neat cut, this haircut is very suitable for men who don’t have much time for maintenance and styling. It is also called the crop top.

The French crop can be used in a classic way or combined with a fade or undercut. Since it is a versatile hairstyle, it has many variations. Also, it is often confused with the Caesar cut. Because both haircuts are very similar. One of the important advantages of this haircut is that it largely hides the receding hairline.

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What Is The French Crop Haircut?

The French Crop is one of the low-maintenance short men’s haircuts. The most characteristic feature of this haircut is a cropped fringe on the forehead. In the classic version, this blunt fringe is cut in a sharp straight line. Also, the fringe length may vary according to personal preferences.

Besides, the sides and back are cut short in the crop top. You can prefer to fade, taper, or undercut for the sides. It is possible to create a very modern variation with faded sides combined with a cropped fringe.

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How Can I Get A French Crop?

The French Crop haircuts work well with straight, wavy, or curly hair types. Also, it is suitable for most face shapes. You can get an idea from your barber to choose the ideal French Crop version for you.

Since this is a short haircut, your hair doesn’t have to be too long before the cut. 1 or 2 inches of hair length is often sufficient.

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Before visiting your barber, it’s important to decide what cut you want for your sides and top. You can choose cut techniques such as fade, undercut, taper, and taper fade for the sides and back. If you want, you can shave your sides completely or leave it naturally. The decision will be entirely yours.

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The most important factor determining the character of a French Crop version is the cutting technique applied to the hair at the top. You may want to have a long or short fringe. If you want a textured and layered look, you can tell your barber you want a point cut for the top You can choose the blunt cut for a neat and more traditional look. Of course, do not forget to take the advice of your barber.

When it comes to a French crop, the simplest part is styling and managing it. In fact, you don’t need to do anything extra to style your hair in this haircut. If it is necessary, you may some hair products such as pomade, clay, and gel for styling. We recommend that you use these products while your hair is moist.

The Best French Crop Haircuts Gallery

1. Short French Crop Haircut

The Short French Crop promises you a sharp, neat, and stylish look. If you don’t have enough time and energy to manage your hair, this low maintenance haircut is for you. In this haircut, the fringe is very short and tidy. Also, the short crop top pairs well with fade variations. We recommend this haircut to gentlemen who don’t compromise their comfort and want a stylish hairstyle.

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2. Long French Crop Haircut

This long haircut is eye-catching, dapper, and fashionable. Also, it is ideal for men with fine hair. In addition, it can hide the receding hairline and other baldness well. When it comes to a long french crop, the cropped fringe is long enough to almost cover the forehead. You can prefer a point or blunt cut for the top. If you want to add some motion to your hair, You can ask your barber for a layered cut.

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3. Textured French Crop Haircut

If you have thick and bush hair, you can consider textured french crop style. Your barber can create a textured look by using the point cut technique on the front of your hair. Also, it is possible to create a contrast between the sides and top by cutting the sides short. Thus, your haircut will be more noticeable. Finally, you can use a small amount of hair styling products for a shiny finish.

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4. Curly French Crop Haircut

There are many modern curly french crop haircut alternatives. Since curly hair is eye-catching and cool on its own, it is not difficult to have very special haircuts with them. If you want, you may use your curls in a natural. They don’t even need styling because of their impressive looks. If you’re looking for a contemporary version, we recommend combining your curly fringe with a trendy haircut like fade, undercut or taper fade.

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5. Classic French Crop Haircut

The French Crop does not forget the gentlemen who like traditional and classic haircuts. In the classic version of this hairstyle, the hair on the entire head is short and the same length. The fringe may be cut in different ways. When you wear a classic french crop you can easily look classy and charismatic. Besides, this hairstyle is perfect for serious and professional environments.

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6. French Crop Haircut With Fade

Undeniably fade is one of the most popular haircuts of recent years. Also, it matches great with a french crop. However, you may be confused while you choose the most suitable fade alternative for your hair among dozens of styles. Low fade, skin fade, mid fade, and drop fade are popular fade options that are often used with the french crop style. If you still can’t decide, getting advice from a professional hairstylist is a good way to go.

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7. Messy French Crop Haircut

The messy french crop is one of the trendy haircuts with its sexy and attractive energy. If you’re ready for the endless glances of the people around you, you’ll love this style. In this hairstyle, the hair at the top is cut with a scissor in a layered way. Then the hair is blended. Also, the sides and back are cut shorter than the top for emphasizing the hairstyle. This action creates a good contrast.

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8. French Crop Haircut With Hard Part

If you want to take your French Crop Haircut a few levels higher, you can achieve great results with little tricks and touches. Hair designs that can be applied by an expert barber, cutting techniques such as hairline and hard part can take your hairstyle much more impressive. In this gallery, we shared some hair design examples that can inspire you.

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9. Asymmetrical French Crop Haircut

In contemporary french crop variations, the fringe part doesn’t have to be straight or curvy. An asymmetrical cut gives this hairstyle a different identity. The hair on the top can be short, medium-length, or long. Also, short faded sides and back will go well with this haircut.

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10. French Crop Haircut With Beard

You can add different beard styles to your french crop haircut. Regardless of your choice (stubble beard, full beard, goatee, van dyke), you can catch the style that suits you best by trying different alternatives.

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