Faux hawk haircut is one of the most fashionable and spectacular haircuts over the last few years. It is also known as fohawk.

The origin of the faux hawk haircuts is based on the mohawk style. Although derived from the mohawk haircut, it is not an overly radical haircut. For this reason, it can be easily preferred for both professional and casual life.

When it comes to fohawk, you can have unlimited options. Before visiting a barber, it is useful to determine the variation that will suit you best among many different alternatives. Therefore, we have rounded up the most stylish and trendy faux hawk haircuts to inspire you in this post.

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Faux Hawk vs Mohawk

In the traditional mohawk haircut, a fairly narrow hair strip goes from the forehead to the back. The hair outside of this strip (sides and back) is shaved completely. This haircut has a disconnected look. Also, there is a big difference in hair length between the top and the sides.

Besides, the faux hawk haircut isn’t as marginal as the mohawk style. The hair strip at the top of the head is wider than the mohawk. In addition, although the sides and back are shorter than the top, there is no huge difference between the two areas in terms of hair length.

How To Get A Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Haircut

First of all, if you have decided to own a faux hawk haircut before you visit your barber you must have medium or long hair length. Because your hair must have a certain length to get the hawk structure.

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When describing the fohawk haircut you want, you can tell your barber that you want a style like fade or undercut for the sides. Also, If you desire more dramatic and sharp, look you can opt for fully shaved sides. Whichever cutting technique you choose, your barber will cut your sides and back using a hair clipper.

What defines the character of a faux hawk haircut is how you style the hair strip at the top. The hair is pushed together and joined in the middle of the head in the original fohawk style. However, it is possible to try different alternatives with the hawk strip on the top of your head.

Also, different hair styling products such as pomade, gel, and spray can be preferred for styling.

Trendy Faux Hawk Haircuts For Men Gallery

1. Modern Faux Hawk Haircut With Hair Design

We are witnessing the evolution of known hairstyles day by day. Although faux hawk is actually a new style, it is a very suitable haircut for change and reinterpretation. Thanks to creative hair designs, you can have unique and rare haircuts with a fohawk.

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2. Long Faux Hawk Haircut

If you have long hair and you want a new style, a long faux hawk haircut is the best for you. This haircut features a long hawk mound and shaved sides. Long Faux Hawk alluring, eye-catching and stylish. However, you should make a little bit of effort into maintenance and styling.

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3.  Fohawk Haircut With Hard Part

This fohawk variety has faded sides and a wavy hawk structure. The hair may be emphasized with a hard part. It works well with wavy hair. Also, this haircut is pretty suitable for daily use.

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4. Curly Faux Hawk Haircut

The faux hawk haircut works well with curly hair too. There is a curly hair strip at the top. The sides and back may be faded. If you want a disconnected look, you can consider shaving your sides completely. In addition, you may use your curls in a natural way or style it.

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5. Sponge Twist Frohawk Haircut With Hairline

The faux hawk style is very popular among black men’s haircuts. If you have a coarse or kinky hair type, it is possible to use the faux hawk. This version is called frohawk. Most prominent features of this haircut a sponge twist strip and a hairline technique. You can prefer fade alternatives such as burst fade, drop fade or skin fade for the sides.

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6. Short Faux Hawk Haircut With Fade

The short faux hawk is a clean, fresh, and chic haircut. Being easy to maintain and not requiring extra hair products to style are important advantages of this hairstyle. It is enough to visit your barber to trim your hair in certain periods. You can add some elements to your short fohawk such as hairline. Also, you can complete your style with a beard.

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7. Medium Faux Hawk Haircut With Hair Design

The faux hawk is suitable for men of all ages. Especially young men often wear this style. If your environment is suitable for a noncasual hairstyle, you can add elements such as hard part or hair design to your medium length haircut.

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8. Messy Faux Hawk Haircut With Bald Fade

If you like untidy and cool hairstyles, the messy faux hawk may be ideal for you. In this haircut, the tops are cut in a layered and textured way with texturizing scissors. Also, you can ask your barber for skin fade or bald fade on the sides.

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9. Asymmetrical Faux Hawk Haircut

The faux hawk is a hairstyle open to contemporary interpretations. It is not difficult to have a unique hairstyle by working with professional barbers and hairstylists. If you are a man who isn’t conservative or monotone, you can use your imagination for your hairstyle.

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10. Comb Back Faux Hawk Haircut

This hairstyle is a combination of classic and modern styles. The hair at the top is combed back. The sides and back are cut very short. It may be faded. It works best for wavy hair.

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11. Textured Faux Hawk Haircut

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