The crew cut is one of the most popular short men’s haircuts. It is a stylish, sharp, and clean hairstyle. If you are looking for a good-looking and effortless haircut, the crew cut is suitable for you. In addition, it is a fresh and versatile style that you can use easily in every season.

You can observe that it is often preferred by famous men due to its professional, confident, and charismatic appearance. Thanks to its great features, celebrities like Justin Timberlake and David Beckham often prefer this haircut. Besides, this hairstyle is very practical. It is also ideal for guys who like classic haircuts.

What Is The Crew Cut?

The crew cut is simply a short haircut in which the upright hair on the top of the head is cut short compared with the sides. When it comes to a crew cut, The part with the highest hair length is the front hairline. Also, hair is gradually shortened towards the crown area.

In this haircut, different styles can be preferred while styling hair on the front of the head. This part of the hair can be spiky or flat. You can consult your barber to have a style that best suits your face shape and hair type. In addition, you can try different hair lengths on the sides and back. Hair is usually tapered on the sides.

The golden age of this cut is in the 1920s and 1930s. The crew cut takes its name from the haircut style that is often preferred in Ivy League Schools and university crew teams.

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How to Style A Crew Cut

To get the crew cut you want, you first need to determine a hair length. How short you will cut your hair will depend entirely on your personal preferences. Usually, a traditional crew cut is obtained by cutting the hair quite short. But there are also the medium-length or long alternatives among modern variations of this haircut.

The sides of the hair can be tapered with a hair clipper. Scissors are usually used for the upper parts of the head. Also, you need to describe to your barber how you want to style the front part of the hair.

Although this style is a short men’s haircut, you can have many options when styling the top of the hair. For instance, you can brush your hair to one side or hold it upwards in one direction with a hair styling product.

This haircut is a low-maintenance and easily styled hairstyle. It looks neat and sharp without any effort.

If you want to add a little touch to your haircut, you can use hair styling products such as pomade or wax. But often this is not even necessary.

When it comes to a crew cut, perhaps the most important thing is to keep your hair shapely. For this reason, we recommend that you visit your barber regularly for trimming your hair.

Crew Cut Alternatives For Men

1. Classic Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is a short, sharp, and balanced haircut. There are no big differences in length between different areas of the hair. It is an ideal hairstyle for business life due to its serious appearance. It is also very suitable for formal events.

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In addition, this clean haircut requires little maintenance. Also, when you get up in the morning, you don’t waste time styling your hair.

In the classic version of this style, barbers usually use scissors for the top and sides of the hair. But if you prefer a clipper for the sides, You must make sure it no shorter than a grade three.

crew cut 40 crew cut 17

crew cut 23 crew cut 24

2. Modern Crew Cut

The contrast between the top and sides of the hair is more clear in the modern crew cut. Usually, the sides of the hair are cut fairly short, as in other modern hairstyles. In this way, it is possible to have a freestanding and contemporary variation.

When it comes to modern alternatives, hairstylists often use hair cutting techniques like fade or taper fade. Different hair lengths can be preferred for the front and top parts of the hair.

crew cut 5 crew cut 28

crew cut 29 crew cut 32

crew cut 16

crew cut 33

crew cut 38

3. Crew Cut Fade

Unlike a classic crew cut, in this hairstyle, the sides of the hair are cut too short so that the scalp is clearly exposed. You can evaluate different options such as high fade, low fade, drop fade, or bald fade according to your wish.

In traditional variations, the hair is tapered from top to bottom. But in the taper fade obtained by using two different hair cutting techniques together, the transition between the sides and the top of the hair is sharper. In this way, a clean, fresh, and stylish short hairstyle are created for men.

You can observe that famous men like Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Tom Hardy, Brad Pitt, and even David Beckham often prefer crew cut fade haircuts.

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crew cut 31

4. Ivy League Crew Cut

Ivy League is one of the most popular members of the crew cut family. We can say that in this hairstyle the hair is longer compared to classic crew cut alternatives.

Ivy League haircut is a common hairstyle that has become famous by American Ivy League schools like Harvard and Princeton.

The most specific feature of this style is that the hair on the front of the head is combed to the side and styled. You can prefer some hair styling products to style your hair such as pomade or wax.

crew cut 19
crew cut 21 crew cut 26
crew cut 27 crew cut 2
crew cut 11

5. Medium Length Crew Cut

An authentic crew cut is about an inch long. However, we are witnessing the evolution of classical hairstyles day by day. Today, we also see modern crew cut alternatives that have more hair length top of the head.

Medium hair length always gives you more options. Thus, you can get more unique and cool haircuts.

crew cut 39

crew cut 1 crew cut 10

crew cut 34

6. Wavy Crew Cut

If you have wavy hair, you can get very stylish and cool haircuts with a crew cut.

Wavy hair allows for a more voluminous and textured hairstyle. In this way, you will have a sexy and confident appearance with your short haircut.

Haircare and management vary depending on how short you cut your hair. But when it comes to this haircut, you usually don’t make effort too much.

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