There are many factors that reflect your appearance. Clothing, grooming, attitude, your body shape etc.  But your hair may be the first thing we need to focus on to revolutionize your look. Because you can dramatically change your look with cool haircuts for men.

Think about it:

In just a few seconds women can make a classification about how you are. Therefore choosing a cool hairstyle is very important for the first impression.

We shared fashionable and versatile hairstyles below. Each hairstyle was carefully selected and the gallery was created.

If you still can’t find a model for you in this gallery, for different alternatives click and discover medium length hairstyles for men gallery.

Cool Haircuts For Men Gallery (Stylish & Unique)

There are lots of cool haircuts alternatives in this gallery. Fade, quiff, taper, pompadour, spiky, textured, messy, curly etc. We believe that you will find a suitable hairstyle for yourself.

Here are our unique cool haircuts for men gallery:

1. High Fade + Quiff With Beard

cool haircuts for men 1

2. High Quiff + Undercut

cool haircuts for men 2

3. Low Fade + Curly Fringe With Hard Part

cool haircuts for men 3

4. Mid Fade + Taper + Comb Over

cool haircuts for men 7

5. Long Wavy Comb Over + Quiff

cool haircuts for men 6

6. Comb Over + Undercut With Beard

cool haircuts for men 5

7. Mid Taper Fade + Wavy Messy Quiff

cool haircuts for men 4

8. Side Swept Wavy Cool Haircut

cool haircuts for men 8

9.  Classic Mid Quiff With Beard

cool haircuts for men 9

10. Straight Side Swept + Taper Fade

cool haircuts for men 10

11. Wildly Messy Quiff With Beard

cool haircuts for men 11

12. Low Fade + Spiky Haircut

cool haircuts for men 15

13. Wavy Side Swept Long Top Short Sidescool haircuts for men 14

14. Asymmetrical Long Fringe + Undercut

cool haircuts for men 36

15. Side Swept + Side Part + Taper Fade

cool long side part haircut

16. Curly Top + High Taper Fade

cool curly fade haircut

17. Spiky Medium Top Haircut + Layered Taper Fade

cool blonde taper fade haircut

18. Short Spiky Top + Low Fade With Beard

cool short spiky fade haircut

19. Messy Long Fringe

cool long messy and wavy hairstyle

20. Classic Pompadour + Comb Back With Beard

cool modern pompadour with beard

21. Messy Medium Length Textured Crop + Mid Fade

cool textured fade hairstyle

22. Side Swept + Mid Fade With Beard

cool side part and fade with beard

23. Short Comb Over + Mid Fade With Beard

cool taper fade haircut

24. Short Spiky + Undercut + High Fade

cool short crew cut

25. Mid High Quiff + Taper Fade + Surgical Line

cool haircuts for men 13 2

26.  Slicked Back + Comb Back + Short Sides

cool color modern pompadour hairstyle 2

27.  Undercut + Taper + Slicked Back

cool haircuts for men 38

28.  Short French Cut + Mid Fade

cool fringe high fade haircut

29.  Long Textured Top + Short Sides With Beard

cool long top messy hairstyle

30.  Mid Fade + Fringe + Caesar Cut

cool haircuts for men 37

31.  Long Comb Over + Fringe + Short Sides

cool fade and wavy long top hairstyle

32.  Comb Over + Medium Length Side Part With Short Sides

cool undercut and beard combination

33.  Messy Textured Crop + High Fade + Surgical Line

cool haircuts for men 39

34.  Curly Textured Crop + Low Taper Fade + Surgical Line

cool wavy high fade haircut

35.  Spiky + Mid Taper Fade + Hairline With Beard

cool spiky medium fade haircut

What is the cool haircuts for men ?

The most popular cool haircuts for men is fade in recent years. Also there are also other popular hairstyles:

  1. Undercut
  2. Quiff
  3. Pompaodur
  4. Slicked Back
  5. Crew Cut
  6. Buzz Cut
  7. Side Part
  8. Taper Fade
  9. Spikes

Which cool haircut suits your face?

It is very important to choose a hairstyle that is compatible with your face shape. By choosing a cool haircut compatible with your face shape, you can give your appearance a better look.

We share hairstyles according to different face shapes below:

  1. Rectangle: If you have rectangle face shape you can prefer pompadour or side part hairstyles.
  2. Oval: We recommend pompadour, side part or quiff haircuts for oval face shape.
  3. Square: Undercut, quiff or side part are compatible with square face.
  4. Heart: You may look at side part or quiff hairstyles for heart face shape.
  5. Triangle: If you have triangle face type you may consider textured pompadour, curly top, or quiffs.
  6. Round: Do you have round face shape? Go for side part, french crop, pompadour.
  7. Diamond: We suggest messy fringe and wavy side part for dimond face.

Which cool haircut compatible your hair type?

As we mentioned before, the cool haircuts for men that we share can be applied with all hair types because they are versatile.

It does not matter whether you have fine or thick hair. You can prefer a cool hairstyle which you want.

Also If you have straight, wavy, curly or coily hair, you can have your special look with the model you choose.

How to Maintenance for Cool Haircuts?

This answer depends on which hairstyle you prefer. Some hairstyles require much attention and care, while others are easier to care for.

If you decide to have a short side and  long top hairstyle,  your hair may need more maintenance. Because while your hair grows, it will easily lose its existing form.  Therefore, it is essential that you visit your barber shop periodically.

Generally we can say that medium length and long cool haircuts for men require lots of maintenance.

Last Tips About Cool Haircuts For Men Before You Decide Your Hairstyle

First of all, choosing an experienced and professional hairstylist is a must for a stylish and quality haircut. Your local barber may not be enough for getting results you want.

Also depending on the hairstyle you choose, you may need to visit your hairdresser periodically to maintain your hair.

Lastly using some hair conditioners for your daily hair care will be beneficial for your hair care and hair health.


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