The caesar haircut is named after the Roman Emperor Tiberius Julius Caesar who uses his hair in this way. From this aspect, we can say that the origin of the caesar cut dates back to ancient times.

The caesar cut is defied the time. We can observe that this haircut appears again in certain periods of history after the Roman era. In the recent past, it has become fashionable again among Western men in the 1950s.

What Is The Caesar Cut?

The caesar haircut is a short men’s haircut with layered cut bangs. In an authentic caesar cut, the entire hair of the head is almost the same length. Hair length is usually 1-2 inches. In this way, it has a regular, neat and authoritative appearance. Also, all hair is cut in layers.

The fringe at the front of the head is cut short while in modern variations this fringe can be of different lengths or asymmetrical in a traditional caesar cut.

In addition, the biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that it hides the receding hairline. Therefore, it is a very suitable haircut for men experiencing hair loss.

long caesar haircut 15

How To Maintain A Caesar Haircut?

When it comes to caesar haircut, we can say that it is very easy to manage and maintain this haircut.

It will be enough to wash your hair with a natural shampoo 1-2 times a week. Also if you use a good hair conditioner, your hair looks healthy and alive.

You should only visit your barber periodically for trimming. Thus you can preserve the shape and condition of your hair.

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How To Style A Caesar Haircut?

Although Caesar style is not a popular haircut in its original form today, it is still among the hair fashion trends when combined with modern cutting techniques such as fade, taper, undercut. Besides, this low-maintenance haircut is compatible with any face shapes and hair types such as thick, thin or fine. Also caesar cut is fit for straight, wavy and curly hair types.

First of all, you need to find a professional barbershop. Describe the haircut that is identified with your personality, your barber will apply the most suitable caesar cut for you with a scissors/hair clipper.

Caesar haircuts are styled quickly. Thus it will be enough to make small touches with hair styling products such as wax or pomade.

Regardless of whether the sides and back of the hair are short or long, styling is necessary only for the top. Depending on how you want to use a fringe style, you can apply hair styling products with your hands.

If you want to prefer a natural look, you should avoid comb or brush.

The Most Popular Caesar Haircuts Gallery For Men

1. Short Caesar Haircut

A traditional caesar cut is actually a short haircut. Bangs on the forehead can be horizontally aligned on a straight line or cut asymmetrically. It has a clean, tidy and uniform look.


Credit: mattyconrad



short-caesar-haircut-12 short-caesar-haircut-13

2. Caesar Cut With Long Fringe

A contemporary caesar haircut looks energetic, athletic and fresh. Because of this, it is very popular among young boys in colleges. This haircut which features a long fringe usually covers the forehead.

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long caesar haircut 9

long caesar haircut 14 long caesar haircut 29
long caesar haircut 3 long caesar haircut 4
long caesar haircut 8

3. Textured Caesar Haircut

Textured caesar cut is a mix of fringe and textured crop styles. The textured part has many layers and looks voluminous. It is very modern and stylish.

textured caesar haircut 27

textured caesar haircut 25 textured caesar haircut 24

textured caesar haircut 32 textured caesar haircut 10
textured caesar haircut 17 textured caesar haircut 21

4. Caesar Cut With Fade

Caesar haircuts can combine with low, mid or high fade. Also, the sides of the head can be tapered for modern variations. You can prefer a style according to your taste and sense of fashion on the top of the head.

caesar cut with fade 26 caesar cut with fade 5

caesar cut with fade 7

Credit: joshlamonaca

caesar cut with fade 11

caesar cut with fade 18 caesar cut with fade 23

5. Caesar Cut With Blunt Fringe

Also, as known as French Crop this haircut is a very common hairstyle. Bangs have the same hair lengths on the forehead. Barbers apply blunt cut with a scissor to create this look.

Credit: cal_newsome

caesar cut with blunt fringe 30 caesar cut with blunt fringe 1

caesar cut with blunt fringe 28

6. Curly Caesar Haircut

We didn’t forget the men with curly hair. Caesar cut is extremely compatible with curly hair. It is also possible to have a unique and rare haircut with curls.

Credit: alexandr_berezovsky

curly caesar haircut 2

curly caesar haircut 19 curly caesar haircut 22
curly caesar haircut 31

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